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The C++ Build Process Explained
Boy do I wish this existed when I started my job as a build and release engineer.
c  c++  programming  build  tutorial  compiler  cpp 
yesterday by jefframnani
Docker v18.09 新機能 (イメージビルド&セキュリティ) – nttlabs – Medium
Dockerfileからコンテナイメージをビルドする機能である,docker build の新しいバックエンドとして,BuildKitがDocker 18.06より実験的に採用されていましたが,Docker 18.09にて,正式な機能に格上げされました. BuildKitは,須田が2017年4月に提案した docker build並列化のpull requestを契機として,Docker社…
docker  update  build 
yesterday by lamanotrama
cpp-compilation/ at master · green7ea/cpp-compilation · GitHub
A short description of the C++ build process. Contribute to green7ea/cpp-compilation development by creating an account on GitHub.
c++  build 
yesterday by nham
Task is a task runner / build tool that aims to be simpler and easier to use than, for example, GNU Make.
make  go  build  development  golang 
Learn with Facebook
I upvoted Learn with Facebook on Product Hunt: Build up your skills. Step up your career.
ProductHunt  Facebook  Education  Build  up  your  skills.  Step  career. 
yesterday by glitchwitch
siquylee/jenkins-php: Jenkins jobs with Docker for PHP projects inspired by
This is a Github project showcasing how to adapt Sebastian Bergmann's PHP Jenkins Template Ant buildfile and adapt it to a website / app project built with Laravel and implementing the buildfile (build.xml) with the Phing build tool (a tool that uses Ant buildfile syntax but has PHP specific tasks/ options and only requires PHP (not Java) to run.)

For the Laravel project look within the BookStack directory.
github  project  howto  example  jenkins  php  ant  phing  buildfile  build  template  laravel  laravel5  docker  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  guide  reference 
2 days ago by racl101

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