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Interesting thing that converts bullet lists / indents into mindmap
mindmap  map  generator  list  bullets 
27 days ago by dmje
Mission and Vision | College of Business Administration | University of Nebraska Omaha
The mission of the UNO College of Business Administration is to provide a balance of academic perspectives with practical applications.

We engage our students in learning experiences that enable them to become knowledgeable, motivated and resourceful business professionals.
We impact and transform practice and advance scholarly thought through research and diverse community engagement.
mission  statement  bullets 
8 weeks ago by suleiman
What Bullets Do to Bodies - Highline
The gun debate would change in an instant if Americans witnessed the horrors that trauma surgeons confront every day.
guns  gunviolence  crime  bullets  huffingtonpost  highline 
october 2017 by brendanmcfadden
5 Ways to Quickly Remove Bullets and List Numbers from Your Word Document
In this article, we would like to demonstrate you 5 easy ways to remove the bullets and list numbers from your Word document.
Remove  Bullets  and  List  Numbers  Normal  All  fix  Word 
july 2017 by DataNumen
7 Tips for Presenting Bulleted Lists in Digital Content
Bullet points help break up large blocks of text, make complex articles and blog posts easier to grasp, and make key information stand out.
bullets  lists  copywright  text  Inbox 
april 2017 by akimkin

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