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CRTC's unlocked phone rule has sparked a crime spree, Bell and Rogers say | CBC News
The responses to reqs for information attached to 8620-P8-201711630 are what you're looking for.

looool, Rogers said the number of shipped devices reported missing -- that is to say, stolen somewhere along the UPS delivery chain -- is up "more than 100%"....but they don't say how many actual devices that represents. That could be a year-on-year uptick from 2 to 5 for all we know.

Despite Bell's Belly-aching I find more news reports of robberies at Telus stores than either Rogers or Bell. And no trend of an uptick year over year, in fact a lot of hits come back from like 2013.

Would like to see the figures for crime against their outlets vs electronic stores generally.
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2 days ago by shadowspar
Burbling Waste

Scalzi actually manages to articulate a pretty accurate theory of human interaction; and then, predictably, he says, “This only applies to other people.”
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3 days ago by mrled
Filing Taxes Could Be Free and Simple. But H&R Block and… — ProPublica
Reminder that this conspiracy theory sounding shit is 100% legit

Random thoughts: I wonder if you could Trojan horse this by creating legislation requiring the IRS to send each taxpayer what they know about them. Every year, make that a little closer to a filled-out 1040.
9 days ago by mrled
Journalists Spread Conspiracy Theory That DHS Document Contains Secret Nazi Code
This is the Jack Chick of liberalism

I mean DHS and ICE are evil but you don’t have to become literally Alex Jones to oppose them 🙄

Edit: this whole thing is weird. Why’d they misgender Laurie Voss? (At least as of today, he has his pronouns in his twitter bio.)
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9 days ago by mrled
The Bullshit Web — Pixel Envy
My home computer in 1998 had a 56K modem connected to our telephone line; we were allowed a maximum of thirty minutes of computer usage a day, because my parents — quite reasonably — did not want to have their telephone shut off for an evening at a time.
bullshit  internet 
16 days ago by kogakure
The Bullshit Web — Pixel Envy
So, with an internet connection faster than I could have thought possible in the late 1990s, what’s the score now? A story at the Hill took over nine seconds to load; at Politico, seventeen seconds; at CNN, over thirty seconds. This is the bullshit web.
web  internet  design  bullshit 
17 days ago by mookieproof
The Bullshit Web — Pixel Envy
I’ve been writing posts in both long- and short-form about this stuff for a while, but I wanted to bring many threads together into a single document that may pretentiously be described as a theory of or, more practically, a guide to the bullshit web.
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18 days ago by simanek

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