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Are you stuck in a “bullshit job”? - Bartleby
David Graeber’s thesis about modern office jobs is less groundbreaking than it seems
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22 hours ago by soobrosa
The Bullshit-Job Boom | The New Yorker
> Through the better part of human history, jobs from warrior to fisherperson to novelist had a cram-and-slack rhythm, in part because these jobs were shaped by actual productive needs, not arbitrary working clocks and managerial oversight. Graeber laments a situation in which it’s “perfectly natural for free citizens of democratic countries to rent themselves out in this way, or for a boss to become indignant if employees are not working every moment of ‘his’ time.” Still, it’s likely that he overstates the pleasures of the freelance life.

> None of us entirely avoids the bullshit. But a few people, in the end, make it work.
10 days ago by tarakc02
Is Your Job a Bunch of B.S.? - Los Angeles Review of Books
ANTHROPOLOGIST AND POLITICAL ACTIVIST David Graeber wrote a 2013 essay for Strike! Magazine that got more attention than an essay in a niche radical magazine typically gets. The piece, called “On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs,” inspired responses in outlets from The Economist to Jacobin; the Guardian insisted that the essay would “change your life.”

Much of the attention could be attributed to the essay’s simple but relatable title — everyone seemed to intuitively understand what it meant to call a job “bullshit.” The image of a modern workplace filled with people pretending to look busy while secretly checking Facebook was immediately recognizable. But, more substantively, the piece’s premise struck at one of the core tenets of capitalism. It suggested that many jobs created in the modern economy do not actually need to exist at all.
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11 days ago by kmt
The Bullshit-Job Boom | The New Yorker
For more and more people, work appears to serve no purpose. Is there any good left in the grind?
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12 days ago by kmt
bullshit jobs
lots of interesting references
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14 days ago by msnu

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