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Collapsing in the Homestretch | Julie Ng
✏️ “Collapsing in the Homestretch”

Part 1 in my story on , work, what I do, with whom and why ❤️
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3 days ago by starburst
The secret lives of millionaire tech engineers who 'rest and vest' - Business Insider
We talked to engineers in Silicon Valley's "rest and vest" world, who explained how they got these gigs and how they spend their days.
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12 days ago by dreikanter
RT : Here's my insurance company prior authorization rationing paperwork burden for the week.
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18 days ago by xjubeix
Sometimes Not Working Is Work, Too
Trust that not working is integral to doing good, sustainable work.
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24 days ago by sei
On becoming me-shaped again – beerops
It was with mixed feelings that I announced a few weeks ago my upcoming departure from Etsy. While I am incredibly excited to be joining the awesome team of builders at Travis CI, it was also quite sad to be leaving the place that had been my dream job when I started out in ops.…
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4 weeks ago by tekbuddha
Tales Of Job Burnout: How To Fix The Aftermath Of An Overachiever Attitude
Lately, it feels like if you’re not working 80-hour weeks, you’re not working hard enough. The willingness to work long hours in the hopes of rapid career growth has a name, and it’s not spelled B-O-S-S. Chronic overachievers often rely on a “I can do it all” attitude to feel accomplished and secure in their jobs. But what this attitude doesn’t rely on is reality. When you try to do everything all the time, you’re mostly likely to only achieve one thing: burnout.
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5 weeks ago by aldolat

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