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Grit and burnout in UK doctors: a cross-sectional study across specialties and stages of training | Postgraduate Medical Journal
Results 548 responses were collected. We found a weak negative correlation between grit and burnout in UK doctors (r=−0.243, p<0.001). Hospital consultants had significantly higher grit scores than trainees. The highest level of burnout was found among general practitioners (GPs). When GPs were analysed separately, the correlation between grit and resilience was not seen.

Conclusions An understanding of an individual's level of grit may be used to identify doctors at a greater risk of burnout. As a high level of grit is associated with less burnout, interventions to improve grit through resilience training should be examined. Further research is needed to understand how grit levels change during a doctor's career and why GPs experience higher levels of burnout.
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12 days ago by jonmalesic

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