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Care and Feeding of Burnout ◆ 24 ways
"Make a list of stressors and activities to begin to triage. Anything that would damage or seriously disrupt your life if not attended to (doing your taxes, showing up at work, paying rent) should be marked as essential. Grade other activities in your life, marking the ones that aren’t essential and working to temporarily reduce these or remove them from your life. It can feel difficult to let go of things while recovering from burnout. This process can benefit from a second opinion, if you’re working with a coach, therapist or trusted friend to manage your burnout.

"Reducing your workload and stressors can let you begin to recover from burnout. You can reintroduce things back into your schedule and life. Reintroduce stressors and activities back into your life slowly, to minimize risk of relapse. Keeping a journal will let you keep tabs on how different activities are impacting your energy levels and state of mind."

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2 days ago by handcoding
Big Data, burnout, mental health and innovation | CMAJ Blogs
In the last two weeks I’ve attended three very different scientific conferences on behalf of the CMAJ Group. via Pocket
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3 days ago by allanmcdougall
Ask HN: What do you do when your entire being opposes the task at hand? | Hacker News
What I learned, later on, is that I do not at all have a bad work ethic and I am not a bad person. In fact I am quite fierce and get huge amounts of good work done, when I believe that what I am doing is important. It turns out that, for me, to capture this feeling of importance, I had to work on my own projects (and even then it took a long time to find the ideas that really moved me). But once I found this, it basically turned me into a different person. If this is how it works for you, the difference between these two modes of life is HUGE.
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9 days ago by jbrennan
Comment gérer son stress pour éviter le burn out
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24 days ago by Pebeka
Jeremy Hunt's GP recruitment pledge in tatters as 1,000 full-time NHS doctors quit last year | The Independent
Despite £20,000 incentives to attract trainees and attempts to hold on to senior staff, the NHS is now 1,200 GPs further away from its target of recruiting an extra 5,000 GPs by 2020 than when it was first set by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in September 2015.

The Department of Health baseline at that time was 34,592 full-time GPs, but two years on the September 2017 figures show overall numbers stand at 33,302. &!
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26 days ago by asterisk2a
Reduce (Audition/School/Holiday) Burnout with This 2-Week Exercise - Bulletproof Musician
The idea is to simply write down something that represents joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe, or love. And reflect why this happened (in a way that helps to reinforce that you did something to make this happen, and that you have the ability to create moments of positivity in your everyday life, no matter how crazy a day it ends up being).
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29 days ago by zheard
The Medium
I’ve had a few similar conversations lately with colleagues I admire in the Web industry. They’ve all mentioned that they are a bit tired and burnt out. This happens, especially over time. But there is a trend
opinion  web  burnout 
4 weeks ago by Gwendoux
How to avoid startup stress & founder burnout – The Startup – Medium
You don’t need me to tell you that running your startup is hard. You think about it 24x7x365. When you’re playing with your kids, it’s on your mind. When you’re at dinner with your partner, you’re…
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5 weeks ago by sampl

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