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When Burnout Is a Sign You Should Leave Your Job
When the conditions and demands you encounter at work — like workload, level of autonomy, and norms of interpersonal behavior — exceed your capacity to handle them, you’re at risk of burning out. Burnout has three components: exhaustion (lost energy), cynicism (lost enthusiasm), and inefficacy (lost self-confidence and capacity to perform), but you don’t have to be experiencing all three in order to suffer serious consequences.
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19 days ago by toastednut
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6 weeks ago by dnene
Open Source Maintainers Owe You Nothing | Mike McQuaid
"Burnout is a big problem for open source software maintainers. This is avoidable; maintainers can have fun, keep healthy and be productive working long-term on open source projects. How? By realising they have zero obligations to any other maintainers, contributors or users of their software even if they have personally benefited from the project (e.g. through self-promotion or donations). (..)

For users: remember when filing an issue, opening a pull request or making a comment on a project to be grateful that people spend their free time to build software you get to use for free. Keep your frustrations and non-actionable negativity to yourself (or at least offline and out of earshot). Don’t expect anyone to fix your issues or help you if you’re unwilling to dedicate more time to helping yourself than you ask of others. This means reading all the documentation and trying to resolve your own issues before ever asking for any help."
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6 weeks ago by gohai

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