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The Definitive YC Company List | YCDB - The Y Combinator Database
The most comprehensive public database of Y Combinator companies and everything you need to know about them - all YC batches from 2005 to 2018
Business  aggregator  capital  combinator  companies  data  database  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  fascinating  startup  startups  venture  y  yc  ycombinator 
15 hours ago by atran
Ko-fi | Get support from people who love your work. A free Buy Me a Coffee Button for Your Content
Fund your passion by getting support from people who love your work. Get a Free Ko-fi Page and and accept tips for the price of a coffee.
crowdfunding  Business  donations  blogging  payment  patron 
15 hours ago by dholland
Why You Should Stop Using Nulled WordPress Plugins And Themes
Some developers use the “WordPress bubble” to become millionaires. Not all of them, of course. But some boast of having a “multimillion-dollar business” with two or three plugins. And many extension prices are totally abusive.
wpnull  business  wordpress 
16 hours ago by foliovision

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