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Why the Late Breath in Butterfly is Better
Interesting in a style viewpoint, not sure I have the strength to do it in the sprint.
swimming  butterfly  technique 
9 weeks ago by pjmorse
More Apple products to have scissor switch keyboards • Digitimes
<p>Apple reportedly is looking to adopt scissor switch keyboards in its new 13.3-inch MacBook Pro and new iPads slated to be available later in 2020 and the strategy should benefit their Taiwan-based component suppliers…

Apple is likely to extend the adoption of glowing scissor switch keyboards to its new iPad lineup, with prospects of continuing such design for the comprehensive lineups of its notebook and tablet products in the future, according to industry sources.</p>

Demonstrates that Apple's sourcing for keyboard switches is becoming monolithic: I'm not sure the world really needs glowing switches on iPad keyboards. I have to say that I find the (butterfly) ones on the current iPad keyboard absolutely perfect: robust, quiet, thin.

But equally, scissor switches on more laptops can only be a good thing.
apple  keyboard  switch  butterfly  scissor  ipad 
9 weeks ago by charlesarthur
MacBook Pro 16" 2019 teardown • iFixit
<p>Remember the iMac's Magic Keyboard? It's a well-liked, reliable design that Apple calls the "core technology" for the redesigned keyboard in this new machine.

That might be understating it slightly: side by side, we're hard pressed to spot any differences.

Scissor switches, keycaps... There's slightly less space surrounding these new keys, and pundits will celebrate those reconfigured arrow keys—but everything else looks nigh identical.

News flash: there's not even a dust-proofing membrane on these new switches. We're inclined to take this as a very good sign. (It means we can finally eat Doritos during teardowns again.)…

…Compared once again with the desktop Magic Keyboard:

The two scissor mechanisms look nearly identical. The old Magic scissor is ever-so-slightly thicker (1.6 vs 1.38 mm).

0.22 mm may not seem like much, but no doubt a lot of engineering went into the re-creation of this slender new scissor switch.</p>

It's crazy that a teardown of a Mac, at the end of 2019, should have to focus on whether the keyboard is likely to be reliable. Let's hope we never have to hear about it again.
macbook  keyboard  scissor  butterfly 
november 2019 by charlesarthur
The 16-inch MacBook Pro •
Marco Arment seems to have had early access to the new MacBook Pro - unsurprising, as he's a hugely influential developer and podcaster who has complained loud and long about the butterfly keyboard:
<p>I’m on cloud nine. Look at this glorious keyboard! An Esc[ape] key! Inverted-T arrow keys! A millimeter of key travel! Enough spacing between the keys for our fingers to accurately orient themselves! And keystrokes will probably work, 100% of the time, for years!

Five years ago, nobody would’ve considered any of these noteworthy, and readers would’ve suspected you weren’t of sound mind if you included them in a review.

Five years ago, laptop keyboards were fine. Everyone was pretty much satisfied with the ones they had, they worked, and we never had to talk or think about them.

Today, finally, we begin heading back to that world.

The butterfly keyboard was an anomaly — it was a huge departure from everything else we’d ever used, mostly not in good ways.

The new keyboard is very similar to the recent desktop Magic Keyboard, and I expect it to have a wide appeal, just as the Magic Keyboard does. It has slightly less travel and spacing, but the overall feeling is very similar — and it’s nothing at all like the butterfly keyboard.

I absolutely love it — not because it’s the most amazing keyboard in the world, but because it’s completely forgettable in the best possible way. It just feels normal again.

There’s a lot more to love about the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The screen and battery are bigger, but the size and weight barely increased. It’s almost as fast as my iMac Pro, and the new thermals can sustain higher performance. The speakers and microphone got huge, unexpected improvements.

And I didn’t get everything I wanted. But many of my wishlist items fall outside of what Apple is likely to ever do, and all of them are much less important than making the computer’s primary input device functional, acceptable, and reliable. Now we have the luxury of being able to complain about less-urgent wishes.</p>

I'd say it's certain that Apple is going to see a gigantic leap in laptop sales this quarter, comparable to the bump when it finally produced the larger-screened iPhone 6, which pulled forward lots of delayed purchases. A lot of people having been sitting on their hands, waiting for a scissor-switch mechanism, because it's simply more reliable. I'm among them. (The machine I'm using dates from 2012; it's still perfectly usable.)

See also: <a href="">Jason Snell</a>; <a href="">Dieter Bohn</a> at The Verge.
apple  design  macbookpro  keyboard  butterfly 
november 2019 by charlesarthur
Fantastic to hear another young lover reading my Pat The Caterpillar story all by herself.
butterfly  Butterflies  from twitter_favs
october 2019 by tolkien
! Don’t rake! Beautiful things live there , example today from the historic bur st…
Leaveyourleaves  oak  butterfly  from twitter_favs
october 2019 by noahsussman
Unshaky: A software attempt to address the "double key press" issue on Apple's butterfly keyboard
Unshaky: A software attempt to address the "double key press" issue on Apple's butterfly keyboard - github:aahung/Unshaky
apple  macos  macbook  mbpro  butterfly  keyboard 
october 2019 by atog
Anyone knows what is the thing behind the pin called? : EnglishLearning
Apparently the back part of an earring is called a “butterfly clutch”—who knew, eh?

“Butterfly clutch, but nobody calls it that in natural conversation, you would just call it the ‘back of the pin’”
earrings  reddit  englishlearning  2019  jewelry  words  butterfly  clutch 
october 2019 by handcoding
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black  cars  fast  door  auto  rich  turbo  millionaire  supercar  v8  sports  car  namaste  koenigsegg  hypercar  carbon  fibre  butterfly  doors  agera  r  alain  class  d 
september 2019 by architektura
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race  cars  lets  go  open  auto  inside  doors  mclaren  supercar  ayrton  senna  namaste  car  hypercar  butterfly  the  elite  p15  dihedral  do 
september 2019 by architektura
The 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard drives me crazy • Ryan Bigg
Over to you, Ryan:
<p>Apple is <em>all about</em> the thinness of their laptops. I do not particularly care about the thinness of this device. For the most part, it sits on one of two desks that I use or it sits on my lap on the train. <em>Maybe</em> I use it on the couch from time-to-time. I do not care about the thinness of this device <em>while I am using it</em>. I only care about it when I store it away, in my backpack.

This keyboard has a key travel distance that, I am sure, is measured in microns or perhaps nanometers. It feels like I am typing on a concrete slab. Key presses inexplicably duplicate. Or don't register at all. All for <em>thinness</em>.

This keyboard is a catastrophic engineering failure, designed by a company that should know better. A company with more money in the bank than several countries <em>combined</em>. This keyboard would be, by far, the part of the MacBook Pro that is used the <em>most</em> by everybody who owns one, and it is so poorly engineered for the pursuit of <em>thinness</em>.

Apple <em>must</em> fix this problem in their upcoming MacBook Pro releases. I want a <em>fat</em> MacBook pro keyboard, one that has a travel distance of the older wireless keyboards and doesn't have that "concrete slab" feel.</p>

As I said: <a href="">if design isn't how it looks but how it works, this is poor design</a>.
keyboard  apple  butterfly  scissor 
august 2019 by charlesarthur

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