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Hospital checklists are meant to save lives — so why do they often fail? : Nature News & Comment
This article hits on so many things that cause failures in so many initiatives.

“They were 95% the same, but that 5% made it work for them,” he says. “Every one of these hospitals thought that theirs was the best.”
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august 2019 by twwoodward
5 steps to building a seamless customer experience
Excellent advice for how to use #customer #journey #maps to create value in organizations. Subtleties like common language, mission, more... #kudos #CX #experience
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april 2019 by csrollyson
Forbes Welcome
Potential for Bitfinex buy-in as BFX tokens issued to replace trimmed customer balances #…
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august 2016 by treaclesushi2017
Introducing a series on social media training | Internal | Blog | Holtz Communications + Technology
“A written policy is not sufficient on its own – companies must establish a baseline process to reinforce and update the policy, as well as train incoming hires.” True enough, but all employees need training, not just new hires.
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may 2012 by jkguin
The 2+2 Forums: Buy in short to protect your bankroll!
Why its a terrible idea to buy in for the minimum amount
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december 2006 by lox

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