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Prefer Using Active Objects Instead of Naked Threads | Dr Dobb's
Active object pattern:

An active object owns its own private thread, and runs all of its work on that private thread. Like any object, an active object has private data and methods that can be invoked by callers. The difference is that when a caller invokes a method, the method call just enqueues a message to the active object and returns to the caller immediately; method calls on an active object are always nonblocking asynchronous messages.
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yesterday by ellipord
LibHunt - Find The Software You Need
The LibHunt Network
A network of sites with useful libraries and resources

Find new libraries to get your job done by browsing the categories of any specific domain site. Libraries have been sumibitted and currated by the community and when necessary currated by us.

Choose the right one by having the lists of libraries ordered by thier popularity or development activity. What is more, you can see their "Code Quality Rank" which is based on deep code analysis by our partner Lumnify

Compare libraries belonging to the same category by their "Popularity", "Development Activity", "Code Quality" and any other feature we know about.
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yesterday by dicewitch
rr: lightweight recording & deterministic debugging
rr aspires to be your primary C/C++ debugging tool for Linux, replacing — well, enhancing — gdb. You record a failure once, then debug the recording, deterministically, as many times as you want. The same execution is replayed every time.
rr also provides efficient reverse execution under gdb. Set breakpoints and data watchpoints and quickly reverse-execute to where they were hit.
rr works on real applications and is used by many developers to fix real bugs. It makes debugging hard bugs much easier, but also speeds up debugging of easy bugs.
programming  tools  debugging  testing  opensource  mozilla  profdev  c  c++ 
3 days ago by Chirael

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