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C++ Insights
C++ Insights - See your source code with the eyes of a compiler.
c++  interactive  tools  tool_design  template  default_constructor 
yesterday by jbkcc
Compiler Explorer
Compiler Explorer is an interactive online compiler which shows the assembly output of compiled C++, Rust, Go (and many more) code.
compilers  rust  useful  c++  tools  interactive  tool_design  live_programming 
yesterday by jbkcc
Another cool MSVC flag: /d1reportTime · Aras' website
Passing /d1reportTime to the MSVC compiler (cl.exe) will make it print:
Which header files are included (hierarchically), with time taken for each,
Which classes are being parsed, with time taken for each,
Which functions are being parsed, with time taken for each.
Additionally, at end of each list, “top N” are listed too. List of classes/functions seems to contain info about which templates (or nested classes? not sure yet) are being instantiated as well.
MSVC  Microsoft  C++  Development  Compiler  tools  Tips&Tricks  PerformanceAnalysis  2019  VS2017 
yesterday by dlb
thedmd/imgui-node-editor: Node Editor using ImGui prototype
c++  Library 
2 days ago by umeruma
PcapPlusPlus: Welcome to PcapPlusPlus web-site
PcapPlusPlus is a multiplatform C++ network sniffing and packet parsing and crafting framework. It's meant to be lightweight, efficient and easy to use
pcap  c++ 
2 days ago by nbrunetto

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