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Mobile Internet Resource Center - Mobile Internet Resource CenterMobile Internet Resource Center
"Helping you find the best mobile internet solution for your unique travels! We offer unbiased mobile internet information specifically for US based RVers, Boaters and nomads. We research the options, share our personal & professional experience and analyze industry news... so you can focus on what drives you. This resource center is brought to you with the support of our nomadic community and funded by our premium members."
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4 hours ago by doglord
How to wrap a system call (libc function) in Linux · Saman Barghi
In order to wrap system calls in Linux, one have to wrap related glibc function calls. You have to be careful about the type of system calls you are tryting to override, since various functions might call different functions from glibc, e.g. printf calls puts from glibc which calls write at the end.

There are two ways to do this: 1-Using LD_PRELOAD environment variable, 2-using ld --wrap. I personally prefer the first approach since if the number of wrapper functions increases I do not have to specify them one by one, as in the second case.
kernel  syscall  ld_preload  c 
18 hours ago by whip_lash
Design by Contact (DbC) for Embedded Software
 Printable PDF  What is the Design by Contract programming philosophy, what can it do for you, and why should all embedded software developers care?
article  programming  c 
22 hours ago by iiridayn
Covariance and contravariance in C – Arthur O'Dwyer – Stuff mostly about C
Today I’d like to try to explain covariance and contravariance, and the many places we
see that notion pop up in C .
c  contravariance  covariance  intro 
yesterday by gilberto5757
I learnt C in 2018 and have no regrets
My quest for relearning C started in November 2018. I have been reading blogging writing C from then. I would like to reflect on my journey a bit. Before I begin, I would like to state that th
programming  c 
2 days ago by mattgrayson

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