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I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America. | HuffPost
A glimpse of the suburban grotesque, featuring Russian mobsters, Fox News rage addicts, a caged man in a sex dungeon, and Dick Cheney.
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january 2019 by inspiral
The Barco Library Photograph Collection
The definitive resource for information about cable and telecommunications worldwide, The Barco Library is your primary resource for books, photographs, videos, and other media documenting the rich history of the cable industry.

The mission of the Barco Library is to serve as a research and reference tool for the cable and telecommunications industry, academia, and the public.

You can search by keyword, name, subject heading, date, decade, and collection name. Our photodigitization project is in its infancy, so only a tiny fraction of our 100,000 total images have been digitized, but check back often as images are continually being added!
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april 2018 by xr
Disney and Fox – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
The implication of Netflix’s shift to original programming, though, isn’t simply the fact that the streaming company is a full-on competitor for cable TV: it is a competitor for differentiated content as well. That gives Netflix far more leverage over content suppliers like Disney than the cable companies ever had.
Disney  takeover  Fox  review  cableTV  streamingmedia  comparison  Netflix  strategy  Stratechery  2017 
december 2017 by inspiral

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