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When2meet helps you find the best time for a group to get together. It is a free survey tool that is quick and easy to use.
team  events  calendar  scheduling  planning  organize  tool 
19 hours ago by orlin
How to Batch Disable “AutoArchive” Option for All Recurring Calendar Items in Outlook
If you’ve enabled “AutoArchive” for a calendar folder but don’t wish recurring items to be auto-archived, you ought to disable “AutoArchive” for such items. Thereby, this article will show you a method to batch realize it with VBA.
AutoArchive  Disable  Option  Do  not  this  item  outlook  VBA  Recurring  Calendar  Items  repair  pst 
4 days ago by DataNumen
SmoothSync | Building the bridge for your contacts and calendars - Building the bridge for your contacts and calendars - SmoothSync
Seamlessly Integrate your favorite Android calendar and address book Apps with your iCloud calendars and contacts. SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar and SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts keep your content up to date in both – the Apple and Android world.
synctool  syncronisation  icloud  tool  addressbook  calendar  android  utility 
4 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
How's it Work? | SceneSquid
Event marketing just got way simpler. SceneSquid fills out forms on event websites. We save you time and send you proof that we actually filled out all those tedious forms.
event  promotion  san  francsico  calendar  blaster 
4 days ago by starpause
Mowglii - Itsycal for Mac
Mowglii makes apps for macOS.
calendar  mac  macos  osx  tray  menubar  free  awesome  app  use  menu 
6 days ago by orlin

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