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Maps | Kenneth D. Madsen
"U.S. Border Barriers

California .jpg .pdf
– Kelly San Diego waiver 8/2/17 .jpg .pdf
– Duke Calexico waiver 9/12/17 .jpg .pdf

Arizona .jpg .pdf

New Mexico & West Texas [coming soon]
– Nielsen Santa Teresa waiver 1/22/18 .jpg (map only) .pdf (w/ photos & waiver text) [updated 2/6/18]

Texas [coming soon]

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Waivers

Comparison of all eight legal waivers to-date .jpg .pdf [updated 2/8/18]

Note that mileage calculated from maps created prior to Dec. 2017 (i.e. CA & AZ maps above and summary handout below) over-estimate actual distances due to a projection error. Percentages are still largely correct, however. Corrected maps are forthcoming.

summary handout 8.5″ x 11″ .pdf"
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Wilder Weather Swings in California's Future Could Spell Disaster | Drought Watch | KQED Science
An eye-popping new study from climate scientists at UCLA projects big increases in the frequency of extreme events at both ends of the wet-dry spectrum: big flood-inducing storms as well as droughts.
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6 hours ago by gmisra
12 Reasons to Love The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
MORE Links: The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay was the perfect place for our staycation.  We were not only able to catch up after my week in New York City, but escape the everyday of our area.  We were able to relax without the pressure of needing to do anything and everything (in true Jess- fashion), but could focus our energy on ourselves.  There’s no such thing as the go-go-go attitude at the Ritz, and just being there instantly puts you into a calm and relaxed state.
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Where to Stop for Casual Eats in Marin County
MORE Links: It’s the land of big houses tucked away in green hills with decks overlooking the Bay, Lululemon-wearing moms, pushing strollers and sipping green juice with a Rustic Bakery salad on the side; Nearby towns like Fairfax and San Rafael maintain a certain eccentric and down-to-earth quality that attracts many to the area.
Spring  2018  April  MarinCounty  USWest  California  BWRT  SanFranciscoBay  BayRegion  NorthBay  vacation  NorthBayRegion 
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A view that will stop you in your tracks: Vernal Fall by Steven Magner
California  FindYourPark  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by someguy
Don't Be Evil - Fred Turner on Utopias, Frontiers, and Brogrammers
Engineering culture is about making the product. If you make the product work, that’s all you’ve got to do to fulfill the ethical warrant of your profession. The ethics of engineering are an ethics of: Does it work? If you make something that works, you’ve done the ethical thing. It’s up to other people to figure out the social mission for your object. It’s like the famous line from the Tom Lehrer song: “‘Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That's not my department,’ says Wernher von Braun."

About ten years back, I spent a lot of time inside Google. What I saw there was an interesting loop. It started with, “Don't be evil.” So then the question became, “Okay, what's good?” Well, information is good. Information empowers people. So providing information is good. Okay, great. Who provides information? Oh, right: Google provides information. So you end up in this loop where what's good for people is what's good for Google, and vice versa. And that is a challenging space to live in.

Engineers try to do politics by changing infrastructure. That’s what they do. They tweak infrastructure. It’s a little bit like an ancient Roman trying to shape public debate by reconfiguring the Forum. “We’ll have seven new entrances instead of six, and the debate will change.” The engineering world doesn’t have a conception of how to intervene in debate that isn’t infrastructural.

At Burning Man, what you’re rehearsing is project-based collaborative labor. Engineers flowing in from the Valley are literally acting out the social structures on which Valley engineering depends. But they can do something at Burning Man that they can't do in the Valley: they can own the project. They can experience total “flow” with a team of their own choosing. In the desert, in weirdly perfect conditions, they can do what the firm promises them but can’t quite deliver.
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