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What an IP Address Can Reveal About You - Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Report prepared by the Technology Analysis Branch of the OPC about what an IP address can reveal about you.
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yesterday by npdoty
How the hell did we get here? A timeline of Quadriga events – Amy Castor
QuadrigaCX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, has gone belly up, leaving 115,000 of its customers and all of Canada wondering, “What the hell just happened?” Some $190 million CAD worth of crypto seemingly vanished when Gerald Cotten, the founder of the exchange, died in India at th via Pocket
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yesterday by ChristopherA
Portail linguistique du Canada / Language Portal of Canada
Ressources du Portail linguistique du Canada / Resources of the Language Portal of Canada.
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2 days ago by kmo
Why Shares of Aurora Cannabis, Cronos Group, and Tilray Jumped Today
What happened
Three top Canadian marijuana stocks enjoyed big moves on Monday. Shares of Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) jumped 7.4% as of 2:38 p.m. EST after rising as much as 12.7% earlier in the day. Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) moved 5.5% higher after racking up a 9.7% gain earlier. The biggest winner, though, was Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON), which soared as much as 20.6% before settling down to a 12.7% increase on Monday.

Neither Cronos Group nor Tilray announced any news. Aurora's only development related to its partner, Radient Technologies, receiving a standard processing license from Health Canada. So why did these three stocks rise?

The most likely factor behind the solid gains is increasing confidence in the prospects for the global cannabis industry. The Canadian recreational marijuana market is just getting cranked up. Global medical marijuana markets continue to expand. The U.S. legalization of hemp opens the door for a major new market for the big Canadian producers. And there are encouraging signs about the potential for changes to U.S. federal marijuana laws in the not-too-distant future.
Canada  cannabis  stocks 
3 days ago by fogfish
After the SNC-Lavalin affair, we must strip the influence of political staffers - The Globe and Mail
Omer Aziz was a policy adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

From the outside, our government is a democracy with duly elected parliamentarians. From the inside, it can feel like an autocracy, with power concentrated in very few hands. There is a single node of power and all the channels run through it. That’s why the Prime Minister’s Office is colloquially referred to as “the Centre.”....At Global Affairs Canada, political staffers meet regularly with stakeholders, including human-rights groups, corporate representatives and anyone else who might be affected by our policies, and signals regularly came from above on how to manoeuvre on a certain file. If a message comes from “the Centre” to your office, you can bet that everyone will drop everything and make sure they are meeting expectations. Refuse, and well – these people hold your future in their hands.

It would be no stretch to say that most of the important decisions made by the Canadian government are made by only a handful of people. This has led to preventable errors and bad policy outcomes such as Justin Trudeau’s India trip or the SNC-Lavalin affair. As with too much accumulated wealth, too much accumulated power is ultimately bad for democracy.

There are more than 600 political staffers in Ottawa. These jobs are not publicly advertised and are notoriously difficult to come by if you’re not already well-connected. It’s no wonder that diversity is such a problem in government – and this includes viewpoint diversity as much as ethnic and racial diversity.

Pull back the curtain and it turns out the people in the backrooms mostly resemble one another. Within the political staff itself, there exists a hierarchy, with senior staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office at the top. This is where the real decisions are made.

We need to seriously scale back the influence of political staffers and legislate what the parameters of their jobs really are......The biggest problem with concentrating political power is that it leads to hubris and arrogance, and eventually to critical errors. It leads people to believe that they can overstep boundaries in the name of the Boss.

Absolute power not only corrupts, it is fundamentally corrupting to the entire operation. This is not how a parliamentary system of government is supposed to work. These people are not the mafia. The government does not belong to them.

We could cut the number of staffers in half and Ottawa would run better than it does now. There should also be a formal, publicly acknowledged policy process so Canadians can trust that the system of democracy is working from within and decisions that might shape the future of the country for decades are not being made by a cloistered elite.
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3 days ago by jerryking
RT : Toronto is the capital of —26% of children are not adequately fed ~ Lori Stahlbrand…
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4 days ago by blaypalmer

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