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Fowler Bliki - CanaryRelease
"Canary releases can be used as a way to implement A/B testing due to similarities in the technical implementation. However, it is preferable to avoid conflating these two concerns: while canary releases are a good way to detect problems and regressions, A/B testing is a way to test a hypothesis using variant implementations. If you monitor business metrics to detect regressions with a canary [2], also using it for A/B testing could interfere with the results. On a more practical note, it can take days to gather enough data to demonstrate statistical significance from an A/B test, while you would want a canary rollout to complete in minutes or hours."

"Another scenario where using canary releases is hard is when you distribute software that is installed in the users' computers or mobile devices. In this case, you have less control over when the upgrade to the new version happens. If the distributed software communicates with a backend, you can use ParallelChange to support both versions and monitor which client versions are being used. Once the usage numbers fall to a certain level, you can then contract the backend to only support the new version."
Microservice  Canary  continuousdelivery  A/BTesting 
7 weeks ago by colin.jack
Traffic Shifting in AWS Lambda Aliases Coming Soon
Amazon's Chris Munns announced at the recent Serverless Conference NYC that AWS Lambda will soon support a feature called traffic shifting. This will allow a weight to be applied to Lambda function aliases to shift traffic between two versions of a function. The feature will enable the use of canary releases and blue/green deployment.

Canarying is one of the key operational patterns to evolve alongside of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and its use by companies like Netflix is well documented (e.g. Roy Rapoport's QCon NYC 2014 presentation 'Canary Analyze All The Things'). Using the canary approach depends upon being able to direct traffic across multiple versions, with control over what proportion of traffic goes to the newly deployed version. 'Serverless' Functions as a Service (FaaS) services like Lambda might have load balancers behind the scenes, but control of those load balancers has previously been out of reach.
Serverless  Canary  AWS  AWSLambda 
10 weeks ago by colin.jack
Use Canary Deployments to Test in Production
According to Nolio "Canary Deployments" consist of the following steps:

Stage artifacts for deployments, including: build artifacts, test scripts, config files, and deployment manifests.
Remove "Canary" servers from load balancing.
Upgrade "Canary" application (drain and deploy).
Automated testing of application.
Restore "Canary" servers to load balancing (connectivity and sanity checks).
Upgrade the rest of the servers if the "Canary" testing with live usage is successful. (Otherwise rollback)
Microservice  continuousdelivery  canary 
10 weeks ago by colin.jack

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