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When is a new power plant ‘necessary’ in New England? Regulators defer to capacity market | Energy News Network
Within the span of a few weeks in June, regulatory officials in Connecticut and Rhode Island came to starkly different conclusions on development proposals for natural gas-fired electric generating plants on sites about 20 miles apart.
energynews  fuelsecurity  capacity  auction 
18 days ago by eversourcenh
SEA-ME-WE 5 upgrade completed - Developing Telecoms
Networking systems, services and software company Ciena has announced the completion of a ‘significant’ upgrade to the SEA-ME-WE 5 submarine cable system to support enterprise data exchange, internet TV, and online gaming.
SEA-ME-WE  5  upgrade  undersea  fibre  optic  capacity  Africa  2019 
29 days ago by stevesong
14 page .pdf about building capacity for change in school districts
leadership  chicago  capacity  remc 
5 weeks ago by amann
How to: Find Your Trucks Towing Capacity by VIN Number
This article describes how to calculate the maximum towing capacity of a given truck. It explains how to include the cargo, passenger, and fuel weight.
travel  truck  towing  capacity 
8 weeks ago by eric321
Distributed Log-Processing Design Workshop
Non abstract large system design
From the google sre workbook
Sizing, capacity planning
google  nalsd  architecture  design  sreworkbook  goodops  capacity  sizing 
10 weeks ago by cleskowsky
Successful Cloud Capacity Planning | HelpSystems
Cloud adoption is accelerating. Soon, 80 percent of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions. But as your organization moves into the cloud, how will that change your approach to capacity management?
capacity  cloud_computing 
12 weeks ago by jeffhammond
Seacom to Double Capacity, Light up FibreCo Assets - SubTel Forum
Submarine cable operator Seacom is looking to double its capacity this year and looking to light up recently-acquired FibreCo assets in SA.
Africa  undersea  2019  fibre  optic  cable  Seacom  capacity  litcapacity 
12 weeks ago by stevesong

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