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Quinn Latimer, "New Mineral Collective: Core Desires, Counter Prospects," Canadian Art
"How to image and imagine that, how to see it—the glittery-political-ecological apocalypse all around us—and how to stop it? Can the optical record be framed as a form of resistance? Or is it always passive in its distance? These are some of the questions that New Mineral Collective, a collaborative platform under the auspices of artists Tanya Busse and Emilija Škarnulytė, seems to ask in this and other recent films and installations. Indeed, moving images seem to ask this of us."
QuinnLatimer  NewMineralCollective  ArtistsToWatch  CanadianArt  2020  2020-01  film  EssayFilms  geology  extraction  capitalism 
yesterday by briansholis
Austin Robey, "How to Start a Cooperative," The Creative Independent
"If you are starting a business or organization, pursuing a cooperative model could be an excellent choice if you are looking to enable workers to keep any generated wealth within their community, and protect the value of workers’ labor from being extracted. Cooperatives can build local wealth, be more productive, and create quality jobs that tend to pay higher wages than investor-owned corporations.

Because they are more difficult to finance, cooperative business models are often easier to implement in instances when little startup capital is needed, and where workers are contributing their physical or freelance labor. This makes organizations that rely on a network of laborers or creative content producers a natural fit for the cooperative model."

"It’s important to remember that when we talk about cooperatives, we are talking about more than business entities or models—we are talking about core cultural values that give us humanity. The core function of a cooperative is to democratize ownership and control."

"By mobilizing communities around a common purpose and shared vision of co-ownership, we can grow networks and unlock huge competitive advantages. Co-ops win by planting their flag, articulating what they stand for, and amplifying stories of dignified work."
AustinRobey  2020  2020-02  TheCreativeIndependent  guide  cooperatives  capitalism  business 
yesterday by briansholis
Stop Blaming Population Growth for Climate Change
Western industrialism & modern capitalism is responsible for the vast majority of carbon pollution, they beat the most responsibility for making the changes necessary.
climate  environment  capitalism 
yesterday by atelathehun
Ξ Real outcome of the Climate Summit was
...coming soon...coming soon...coming soon

BLUEwashed Capitalism
GreenNewDeal EUGreenDeal
2020  twitter  oolab  propaganda  propagandaGO  capitalism  ClimateChange  BLUEwashed  COP26  GreenNewDeal  EUGreenDeal 
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✖ Capitalism: Profit over Public Health
’…number of cases is too small. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested…’
2020  twitter  capitalism  health  China  pharma  SARS  MERS  2019nCoV  jacobinmag 
2 days ago by shortlist_cxc
The Crisis at Cinerama Has the Same Root as the Crisis at Boeing: Cost Cutting - Slog - The Stranger
It is not enough to just work, to be a successful business, to be in the black. What the owners or administrators of capital want are high yields, which only the short-term can provide. This want is what's normal to a mode of being defined not by economics as such (no high yields there), but by an exploitation that's class driven (cutting costs). The bad news is that this drive directs every aspect of our economy, from airplanes to movie theaters.
boeing  mudede  capitalism 
3 days ago by ianmclaury
Slavoj Žižek speaks at Occupy Wall Street: Transcript - IMPOSE Magazine
There is a danger. Don’t fall in love with yourselves. We have a nice time here. But remember, carnivals come cheap. What matters is the day after, when we will have to return to normal lives. Will there be any changes then? I don’t want you to remember these days, you know, like “Oh. we were young and it was beautiful.”
capitalism  philosophy  economics 
3 days ago by ryelee
Social Security Disability :: Fraudulent, corrupt system
Work is a loser's game; trying to collect one's earned benefits when disabled serves filthy lawyers and a corrupt system. Don't forget this when voting - no wonder "socialism" is a thing now!
SocialSecurity  Disability  Legal  Capitalism  Socialism 
3 days ago by blossm
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Across the globe, demagoguery, extremism, fascism, and authoritarianism are rising — like a tidal wave made of all the ignorance and folly of history. Why? What does it signify? I want you to understand how this tsunami of rage, fury, and stupidity sweeping across the globe came to be.
capitalism  fascism  society  stories  by  umair  haque  on  usa 
3 days ago by jeffhammond

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