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Life Advice: Don't Find Your Passion - Scientific American
> On the surface, these goals seem laudable. Instead of seeking power, status or personal wealth, some students are motivated to discover their interests and uncover the path that excites and drives them. They want a career that lights their fire. Presumably they are adhering to the adage, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”
* but actually, better to _nurture_ interests: «Rather than seek the one job or career path that ignites our passion, we should invest meaningfully in different interests and work to cultivate a passion in one or more fields. By this view, interests are nurtured over time, not discovered overnight.»
* distinction between fixed mindsets and growth mindsets
* e.g. in relationships, a fixed mindset person might «seek “the one,” and tend to move on when faced with relationship challenges»
* fixed mindsets can cause us to abandon a path when it becomes hard, thinking that we're not cut out for it: «Consequently, instead of demonstrating resilience and perseverance in pursuit of this passion, we may fold when faced with failure or significant challenge. Difficulty may be perceived as indication that we are simply on the wrong path.»
* fixed mindsets can also cause us to over-focus, ignoring whatever seems outside our interest: «In other words, a fixed mindset diminished curiosity about topics not directly relevant to one’s primary pursuit.»
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The Networking Platform Bigger Than LinkedIn for College Students | Rising Stars | OZY
Handshake, a college career network that aims to democratize job opportunities for students from every background. The company has grown exponentially in the intervening four years: More than 700 universities and 250,000 companies use Handshake, which has surpassed LinkedIn as the largest network for job-seeking college students in the U.S.
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Northwestern Center for Teaching and Learning
Study this before the POD career fair on Friday
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