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How to Mentor Someone Who Doesn’t Know What Their Career Goals Should Be
I was skeptical during the first couple paragraphs, but ended up liking it. I like the framework the author uses for career development. Less linear and more exploratory.
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3 hours ago by jefframnani
Staying on the path to high performing teams.
I love this framework for framing a team’s current status and how to address the issues. I especially like the diagram at the top. I think the author nails it.

File under: Innovation requires waste. Or, in this instance, “slack”, which really means free time to work on interesting stuff.

When you talk about growing an organization, the conversation usually leads to hiring. While I believe hiring is a very important approach to growing organizations, I believe we reach for it too often. In order to prioritize hiring for scenarios where it'll do the most good, over the past year I've developed a loose framework for reasoning about what a given team needs to increase performance.

Teams want to climb from falling behind to innovation, while entropy drags you backwards. Each state transition requires a different tact.

On how to maintain teams in the “innovating” state.

Innovating is a bit different, because you've nominally reached the end of the continuum, but there is still a system fix! In this case, it's to maintain enough slack in your team's schedule that the team can build quality into their work, and operating continuously in innovation, and avoid backtracking.
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yesterday by jefframnani
Sizing engineering teams.

While I'm skeptical that there exists a unified law of team sizing, I have iterated onto a useful framework that solves the majority of cases I encounter. That framework has in turn led to a standard playbook. Both are short, opinionated and hopefully useful!

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yesterday by jefframnani
Work and Travel Abroad Programs for Professionals | Remote Year
Grow personally and professionally in each city you visit through immersive cultural experiences and professional exposure opportunities.
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yesterday by rsewan

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