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GitHub - hasbrain/data-science-roadmap
Below you can find a chart demonstrating the paths that you can take and the milestones that you would want to achieve in order to become a data scientist. We spoke to senior data scientists and data science managers from various top tech companies in the Silicon Valley, and consolidated learnings from these conversations and data science Meetups in the Bay Area. We hope this can serve as a guide to everyone interested in breaking into data science, especially people who do not live in close proximity to any tech hubs and don’t have a strong personal network in data engineering.
datascience  career  howto  ml  learning 
5 hours ago by boscht
How to Become a Better Software Developer: A Handbook on Personal Performance
There’s a big difference between writing code and being a great programmer. Writing code is the output--and almost anyone can learn the basics of syntax and formatting. But what makes someone...
developer  engineering  career  advice 
8 hours ago by tedw

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