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Singapore tightens foreigner hiring norms, Indian techies likely to be hit
Skilled foreign professionals can work in Singapore under an ‘Employment Pass’ (EP), which is a work visa. They need to have acceptable qualifications and be paid at least 3,600 Singapore dollars (S$) per month, which translates into Rs 1.6 lakh approximately. The minimum salary threshold has been increasing over the years. In 2014, it was S$3,300 per month. Most Indians are sponsored by their employer under the EP route.The S-pass is another route available for mid-level skilled staff.Here, the salary threshold stands increased from January 1, 2019 to S$2,300 per month (or Rs 1 lakh approximately) from the current S$2,200 per month.
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5 days ago by thomas.kochi
A Career Cold Start Algorithm
The first step is to find someone on the team and ask for 30 minutes with them. In that meeting you have a simple agenda:

For the first 25 minutes: ask them to tell you everything they think you should know. Take copious notes. Only stop them to ask about things you don’t understand. Always stop them to ask about things you don’t understand.
For the next 3 minutes: ask about the biggest challenges the team has right now.
In the final 2 minutes: ask who else you should talk to. Write down every name they give you.
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8 days ago by rauschen
1. 是什么 - 基本概念搞清楚
2. 哪些场景用? - 解决的是什么问题
3. 怎么用 -
4. 有哪些缺点 - 就是这个技术的不擅长做什么
5. *技术生态如何* - 社区支持,版本更新频率,上下游技术的融合
6. 替代性技术有哪些 - 同一问题的解决方案并不会只有一个
7. 他人的总结 - 实战技巧
8. 动手 - 经验总结
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8 days ago by muyun_
1. *个人的节奏要跟上团队的节奏*
2. *个人必须自我驱动*, *自我定位清晰*,积极主动
3. 员工 - 个人与公司是利益共同体, *工资驱动*
- 个人与公司是 事业共同体 - *中高层 - 目标,愿景驱动*
- 个人与团队 是 命运共同体 - *partner - 精力在一起,财力也在一起*
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8 days ago by muyun_
1. 缺少必要的沟通与设计 - 数据交互格式,负责业务的流程设计等等
2. 逻辑混乱的地方要重构
3. 分享技术成长 - 分享过程中更加深对知识技能的掌握
4. 自我发现bug 汇报
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9 days ago by muyun_
1. 贵族教育是非实用性的; 对于普通家庭出身的我,我需要一技傍身,没有那么多试错的机会
2. 素质教育更重要的是心智的提升; 其中最大的差距是演讲能力和写作能力
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9 days ago by muyun_

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