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On Grifters In Tech and the Dunning-Kruger Effect: A message to entry-level Web developers.
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6 days ago by noahsussman
A Senior Engineer's CheckList
This is a simple checklist for the success of a senior engineer, and while it is useful to any software engineer, it is especially useful to senior engineers.
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7 days ago by spaceninja
40 Favorite Interview Questions from Some of the Sharpest Folks We Know | First Round Review

As the CEO of Foursquare, Jeffrey Glueck finds that candidates aren’t usually prepared for this question. “They often reveal what makes them tick through their answers,” he says. “While the best one is interesting for picking up insight on how to get the most growth out of them, I often find that the worst boss answer is more interesting. You might learn that they react strongly to micromanagement, are fiercely independent, or are very individual comp focused.”

The key is pushing c...
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8 days ago by markinetic
17 Reasons NOT To Be A Manager –
Don't get so easy a new job
Have limited power/skills always need other people
Good things are handed over to other persons, bad you are responsable
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12 days ago by rauschen
Strike with the band
Classical music is cruel not because there are winners and losers, first chairs and second chairs, but because it lies about the fact that these winners and losers are chosen long before the first moment a young child picks up an instrument. It doesn’t matter if you study composition, devote years to an instrument, or simply have the desire to teach—either at the university level or in the public school system. If you come from a less-than-wealthy family, or from a place other than the wealthiest cities, the odds are stacked against you no matter how much you sacrifice, how hard you work, or, yes, how talented you are.
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15 days ago by terry
Power Couples (HBR, September-October, 2019)
When both members of a couple are focused on their careers, their personal and professional lives can become deeply intertwined. That creates unique challenges—and advantages as well.
relationships  marriage  work  career  careers  transitions  family 
22 days ago by davidkoren

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