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The True Size Of ...
A fun tool to play around with, where you can see the actual size of countries and compare them to one another
yesterday by hthief
Mapping and Visualization - Scott Reinhard
Scott Reinhard is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer. He works at the New York multi-disciplinary design studio 2 × 4 and was formerly a Senior Designer at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and VSA Partners. Scott has taught in the Graduate Communications Design program at the Pratt Institute and holds a Master of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University.
maps  cartography  elevation 
6 days ago by shannon_mattern
Apple Maps: Web
DuckDuckGo is now publishing Apple Maps, this may be the first consumer web interface to Apple's maps
apple  maps  cartography  duckduckgo  tootme 
7 days ago by nelson
Areaware Dymaxion Folding Globe
In 1946, Buckminster Fuller patented a map of Earth which reveals our planet as one island in one ocean without any obvious breaks; showing an almost adjoining land mass comprising of all its continents, not divided by seas. In 1954, the Dymaxion Projection as we know it today was hand drawn by architect, Shoji Sadao, the cartographer and collaborator behind the map. Fuller argued that in our universe there is no “up” and “down” or “north” and “south”; only “in” and “out” – therefore there is no right way up to the Dymaxion Map.

Designer Brendan Ravenhill has configured Fuller’s projection for Areaware as a magnetic folding globe, a representation of Earth that easily transitions from flat to three dimensional. Fold it to form a geometric globe or unfold to reveal our flattened planet.
Dymaxion  maps  cartography 
8 days ago by fogfish
How Cartographers for the U.S. Military Inadvertently Created a House of Horrors in South Africa
The thing about IP mapping that many people don’t realize (and I wish they would, since I wrote two huge stories about it in 2016) is that it is not an exact science. Sometimes an IP address can be mapped to a house—you can try to map your own IP address here—but in general, an IP address, at its most precise, just indicates what city and state a device is in. At its least precise, it simply reveals what country a device is connecting to the internet from.

But computer systems don’t deal well with abstract concepts like “city,” “state,” and “country,” so MaxMind offers up a specific latitude and longitude for every IP address in its databases (including its free, widely-used, open-source database). Along with the IP address and its coordinates is another entry called the “accuracy radius.”

The accuracy radius does what you might expect. It says how accurate the coordinates are; it indicates the 5-mile, or 100-mile, or 3,000-mile area included with “a point” on a map. Unfortunately, it is ignored by many geo-mapping sites such as, which gets its data from IPInfo and EurekAPI, two more IP geolocation databases that use MaxMind as a source.

MaxMind provides location information to thousands of companies. Some use it to display local ads. Some use it to prevent fraud. Some use it to determine whether a customer is accessing the right version of their website or service.

MaxMind has never told me exactly what their secret sauce is for determining where in the world an IP address is located, but if it doesn’t know that much about an IP address, and knows only that it’s being used by a device somewhere in the United States, it previously gave the coordinates for the front yard of Joyce Taylor’s farm in Kansas; by the time I called her in 2016, 90 million IP addresses were mapped to her home in MaxMind’s database. Any time a device using one of those IP addresses did something terrible, those looking into it assumed the people who lived at the farm were responsible. ...

When I emailed the company’s founder Thomas Mather, back in 2016, asking why it had associated so many IP addresses with the Kansas farm, he’d been incredibly candid with me, explaining that the company had picked a default central digital location for the United States without realizing it would cause problems for the person who lived there. He asked me what the company should do to rectify the situation. “Do you have a sense of how far away we should locate these lat/lons from a residential address?” he emailed me back. “Do we also need to locate the lat/lon away from business/commercial addresses?”
geograpby  cartography  maps  GPS  error 
10 days ago by shannon_mattern
Great Circle Mapper
The Great Circle Mapper displays maps and computes distances along a geodesic path. It includes an extensive, searchable database of airports and other locations.
flight  map  travel  distance  cartography 
10 days ago by pgorrindo
A Complete and Geographically Accurate NYC Subway Track Map – vanshnookenraggen
What it says on the tin! Emphasis on TRACK map, this is the literal tracks and platforms, not just lines/stations. Very cool.
nyc  transit  trains  subway  maps  cartography 
11 days ago by bitprophet
How Cartographers for the U.S. Military Inadvertently Created a House of Horrors in South Africa
Another place that's mapped to a zillion IP addresses, so that the owners are constantly hounded by "find my device" apps and people who trace their online harassers.
geography  internet  cartography  government  military 
12 days ago by moose
Chronas: History Application
Chronas is a history map application with over 50 million data points which every registered user can curate and contribute to (just like Wikipedia).
history  visualization  map  cartography 
14 days ago by fozbaca

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