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Ah so that's what the Relocated Items are; files that couldn't be relocated during the upgrade and so wer…
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22 hours ago by AramZS
MakePass: Create Your Own Apple Wallet Passes on the Mac - MacStories
I often find myself reaching for my iPhone or iPad to do something that can’t be done at all or as quickly on my Mac. If I’m already working at my desk in front of my Mac, though, that requires a context switch that slows me down and often leads to being distracted by something
osx  Catalina 
yesterday by emerysnyder
Installing macOS on a separate APFS volume - Apple Support
Important. This howto is crucial if you need to keep a Mojave installation along-side your Catalina installation.
macOS  Catalina  dual-boot 
yesterday by kastork
AppleScript to get Java 6 runtime "legacy version" to install on MacOS Catalina
set theDMG to choose file with prompt "Please select javaforosx.dmg:" of type {"dmg"}
do shell script "hdiutil mount " & quoted form of POSIX path of theDMG
do shell script "pkgutil --expand /Volumes/Java\\ for\\ macOS\\ 2017-001/JavaForOSX.pkg ~/tmp"
do shell script "hdiutil unmount /Volumes/Java\\ for\\ macOS\\ 2017-001/"
do shell script "sed -i '' 's/return false/return true/g' ~/tmp/Distribution"
do shell script "pkgutil --flatten ~/tmp ~/Desktop/Java.pkg"
do shell script "rm -rf ~/tmp"
display dialog "Modified Java.pkg saved on desktop" buttons {"Ok"}
mac  java  catalina 
yesterday by skypunch

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