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How to find a lost cat: Unique method from Japan proves to be surprisingly effective | SoraNews24 -Japan News-
That’s what happened to Japanese Twitter user @charlie0816 recently, when their beloved cat escaped and didn’t return home for two days. However, this story has a happy ending, thanks to the use of an unusual method found on Twitter, which @charlie0816 now wants to share with pet owners around the world.

“My cat escaped two days ago and didn’t return, but somebody on Twitter said, ‘Talking to cats in the neighbourhood and saying to them, ‘If you see my cat, please tell it to come home’ is an effective technique.’ So last night, I went to the local convenience store and gave it a try by speaking to the stray cats there, and then this morning our cat returned to the front of our house. Um…is it seriously this effective?”
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The story behind Philippe Halsman's surreal photograph “Dalí Atomicus”
The original, unretouched version of the photo reveals its secrets: An assistant held up the chair on the left side of the frame, wires suspended the easel and the painting, and the footstool was propped up off the floor. But there was no hidden trick to the flying cats or the stream of water. For each take, Halsman’s assistants—including his wife, Yvonne, and one of his daughters, Irene—tossed the cats and the contents of a full bucket across the frame. After each attempt, Halsman developed and printed the film while Irene herded and dried off the cats. The rejected photographs had notes such as “Water splashes Dalí instead of cat” and “Secretary gets into picture.”
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5 days ago by terry
The photo that changed modern portraiture
In a world before Photoshop, it took the ingenuity of Salvador Dali and photographer Philippe Halsman—plus some deft cat-throwing—to produce this gravity-defying scene.
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5 days ago by terry
Barney the Cemetery Cat is Buried After Providing Comfort to Mourners For 20 years
12 May 2019

The sweet and adorable cat Barney was a kitty of extraordinary empathetic ability. God has given him the soothing power to heal the hearts of sad and heart broken people around. His residence was St. Sampson’s Parish Church cemetery, located on the island of Guernsey off the coast of England. When his owners moved, Barney just kept coming back to the cemetery. He loved it so much, that they built a little home for him there. Barney the ginger tabby spent his days walking the grounds of a church burial site, consoling those visiting their loved one’s graves. But on Friday, the 20-year-old moggy died of old age. It was a big shock for his loved ones.
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