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Various approaches for setting up test dependencies
When an application includes a database, queue or other dependencies, then you need to write integration tests, confirming that integration with those systems is done properly. How? Let’s discuss it!
CI  CD  testing  testing-dependency 
17 hours ago by lenciel
The 6 Best Sites to Download High-Quality CD Cover Art
Make sure to select the Streaming or MP3 formats from the list, as they provide the highest-quality images. When you open the album art in a new tab, you’ll get a URL like this:

The SS500 part of the link means that it displays the album artwork at 500×500 pixels, which is good but not great. If you change the value after SS, you can adjust the image resolution, in pixels. For example, replace SS500 with SS1400 to get this link, which displays a 1400×1400 image:

We tested a few albums and found that around 1425 is the highest you can go before adding a white box around the image. This may differ per album, so give it a try to find the highest-quality version possible.
cd  music  cover  art  url  tip  clipblog  Amazon  MakeUseOf 
6 days ago by ree - Books, eBooks, DVDs, Blu-ray, Stationery, Music CDs
non-amazon way to buy online in UK. Bookshops receive cut of sales. You can collect order from a bookshop
books  buy  online  uk  dvd  film  cd  vinyl  independent  bookshop 
8 days ago by piperh
Concourse CI
Built on the simple mechanics of resources, tasks, and jobs, Concourse presents a general approach to automation that makes it great for CI/CD.
concourse  ci  cd  deployment  devops  docker  programming  tool  integration  build 
19 days ago by vicchow

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