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Justin Timberlake Connects Fans to Music and Merch With AR - VRScout
American Express is using augmented reality (AR) to create a new way for music fans to buy merchandise from their favorite musicians — starting with Justin Timberlake.

On April 6th, the American Express Music app released a new mobile AR experience called Outside In, in partnership with Timberlake. In the app the you are navigated by Timberlake, hearing his stories behind the songs of his new album Man of the Woods.
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yesterday by dancall
Back to the Future for Martin Sorrell? | LBBOnline
Whether he leverages his lack of non-compete or decides to start hosting Have I Got News For You, the former WPP CEO is unlikely to stay out of the spotlight, writes Laura Swinton
advertising  business  celebrity 
2 days ago by rrraul
R&B Singer Sabrina Claudio Apologizes (We Guess) for Derogatory Comments Targeting Black Women
R&B singer Sabrina Claudio caught the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this week after old tweets of her disparaging black women and “Hispanic girls” resurfaced.
SabrinaClaudio  SocialMedia  Controversy  Twitter  Racism  RaceIssues  TheRoot  MusicNews  Celebrity  CelebrityNews 
7 days ago by dk33per
HQ Trivia cashes in with new social features, Dwayne Johnson appearance | Mobile Marketer
Live game show app HQ Trivia added social features in its latest update to inspire more interaction among peers and ignite greater competition. "Friends on HQ" lets players find and connect with friends and family inside the app, according to TechCrunch.
The game introduced the feature in the U.K. on Tuesday with a planned rollout in the U.S. coming soon, the company said. Users who connect with each other can keep track of everyone's scores and discover which friends are playing a particular game.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will host the afternoon HQ Trivia game on Wednesday with a grand prize of $300,000, the biggest amount of money the mobile game show has offered so far, People announced. The actor will appear alongside regular host Scott Rogowsky in the 3 p.m. EDT show as part of his press tour for the upcoming film "Rampage" that premieres on April 13.
livevideo  collective  social-networks  celebrity 
7 days ago by dancall
Eight master thieves are up to no good in the new Ocean’s 8 trailer | Consequence of Sound
The twists and turns of the Ocean's series return to theaters on June 8th
As more footage emerges from Ocean’s 8, the female-fronted update/continuation of the heist movie series, it looks like the film’s all-star cast might really be putting together something solid. At their best, the Clooney-led trilogy of Ocean’s movies made for the exact kind of breezy, quick-witted action capering that summer movie audiences will always crave, and now there’s a chance to inject new life back into the franchise.
movies  crime_drama  women  trailer  celebrity 
8 days ago by rgl7194
How influencer Zoe Zhang drives retail sales on Alibaba's Taobao | Glossy
In China, e-commerce livestreams starring key opinion leaders (the equivalent of the Western influencer) have serious selling power on platforms like the Alibaba-owned marketplace Taobao. Now, these influencers are using the format to put smaller U.S.-based brands on the map in a market they otherwise wouldn’t be able to break into.

About 40,000 people tune in every week when blogger, former fashion designer and influencer Zoe Zhang hosts a new livestream featuring a product she has discovered. Of those 40,000, there is a group of 1,500 loyal customers who reliably purchase everything Zhang endorses over the course of a livestream, which lasts around two hours depending on how many samples she has to show. Sales aren’t made on a commission basis, rather, Zhang and Yuan buy products wholesale through brands and sell them at retail to consumers in China.
apac  celebrity  alibaba  ecommerce  stats 
15 days ago by dancall
Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Valued At $250M |
Goop, the lifestyle brand founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, is lapping up some serious investor love. The website has just snatched up $50 million in Series C venture funding from NEA, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Felix Capital, according to news from Fortune.

All in, that fresh investment brings the company’s total funds raised to around $82 million — meaning its total valuation is in the neighborhood of $250 million.

Paltrow’s commerce- and content-focused firm is of her own making. The Academy Award-winning actress is both CEO and creative director of goop. Privately held, the firm does not report its financials to the public, but in comments to Fortune, the firm indicated it has seen its revenue triple over the last two years. The company further told the media that it plans to double its revenue again in 2018 — and that the latest round of funding will be put toward that goal, particularly in the realm of an international rollout of the brand.
celebrity  ecommerce  content  stats 
15 days ago by dancall
This Political Theorist Predicted the Rise of Trumpism. His Name Was Hunter S. Thompson. | The Nation
In Hell’s Angels, the gonzo journalist wrote about left-behind people motivated only by “an ethic of total retaliation.” Sound familiar?
In late March, Donald Trump opened a rally in Wisconsin by mocking the state’s governor, Scott Walker, who had just endorsed his Republican opponent, Ted Cruz. “He came in on his Harley,” Trump said of Walker, “but he doesn’t look like a motorcycle guy.”
“The motorcycle guys,” he added, “like Trump.”
It has been 50 years since Hunter S. Thompson published the definitive book on motorcycle guys: Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. It grew out of a piece first published in The Nation one year earlier. My grandfather, Carey McWilliams, editor of the magazine from 1955 to 1975, commissioned the piece from Thompson—it was the gonzo journalist’s first big break, and the beginning of a friendship between the two men that would last until my grandfather died in 1980. Because of that family connection, I had long known that Hell’s Angels was a political book. Even so, I was surprised, when I finally picked it up a few years ago, by how prophetic Thompson is and how eerily he anticipates 21st-century American politics. This year, when people asked me what I thought of the election, I kept telling them to read Hell’s Angels.
politics  trump  history  gov2.0  celebrity 
16 days ago by rgl7194
For Stormy Daniels, swatting away Twitter trolls is a work of art - The Washington Post
Stormy Daniels on Twitter has the air of a very smart cat batting off a series of very dumb mice, who come at her under the delusion that the relationship is reversed.
“Scank,” one man tweeted at her on Friday. He has 94 followers and a bio that lists him as “Soldier for the Constitution.”
“The correct spelling is ‘skank,’ ” Daniels replied promptly.
“Actually, ‘skanky whore,’ ” another mouse leaped in, attempting to aid his brethren in the attack.
Daniels cheerfully wrote back: “. . . at least according to my business card.”
trump  porn  twitter  troll  politics  celebrity  sexism 
17 days ago by rgl7194

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