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Use your Sudo for sign-ups, downloads or anytime you need to provide a phone number and/or email address
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20 days ago by PinMarco
Predicting poverty and wealth from mobile phone metadata | Science
In developing countries, collecting data on basic economic quantities, such as wealth and income, is costly, time-consuming, and unreliable. Taking advantage of the ubiquity of mobile phones in Rwanda, Blumenstock et al. mapped mobile phone metadata inputs to individual phone subscriber wealth. They applied the model to predict wealth throughout Rwanda and show that the predictions matched well with those from detailed boots-on-the-ground surveys of the population.
predicting  poverty  cellphone 
4 weeks ago by rbarkman
Appwrite - Open Source End to End Backend Server
Appwrite cuts up to 70% of the time and costs required for building a modern application. We abstract and simplify common development tasks behind REST APIs, to help you develop your app in a fast and secure way.
programming  android  cellphone 
5 weeks ago by ither
Make billing usage available in a downloadable spreadsheet format – Ting Help Center
Hey Kelly,

You have the ability to download a CSV file of your past usage details from your online Ting account. Once you're signed in, go to billing history and click on one of the past usage periods. Once you have selected a usage period, Click the arrow in the CSV column to export your details into a spreadsheet program so you can parse your bills as much as you like.

Hope that helps!
ting  money  cellphone 
5 weeks ago by craniac
A phone that dares to be fair: the new Fairphone is here. Learn more and get yours >>
cellphone  mobile  hardware  android  celu 
6 weeks ago by mgdf
That's right. Focus on the baseband is kind of the new fad in mainstream ITSEC. ... | Hacker News
nickpsecurity: "All smartphones are insecure. Even the secure ones. I've seen good ideas and proposals but no secure[ish] design is implemented outside maybe Type 1 stuff like Sectera Edge. Even it cheats that I can tell with physical separation and robust firmware. It's also huge thanks to EMSEC & milspec. A secure phone will look more like that or the Nokia. You see a slim little Blackphone, iPhone, or whatever offered to you? Point at a random stranger and suggest they might be the sucker the sales rep was looking for."
hn  security  pmz  cellphone  comment  2019 
7 weeks ago by mechazoidal

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