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Senior Google Scientist Resigns Over “Forfeiture of Our Values” in China
The specialist said that the plan to resume the censored search engine project in China could endanger dissidents and encourage online repression elsewhere.
censorship  china  google  news  ai 
yesterday by bradbarrish
Long Before Photoshop, the Soviets Mastered the Art of Erasing People from Photographs — and History Too | Open Culture
"Like their counterparts in Hollywood, photographic retouchers in Soviet Russia spent long hours smoothing out the blemishes of imperfect complexions, helping the camera to falsify reality," writes David King in the introduction to his book The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia. "Stalin's pockmarked face, in particular, demanded exceptional skills with the airbrush. But it was during the Great Purges, which raged in the late 1930s, that a new form of falsification emerged. The physical eradication of Stalin's political opponents at the hands of the secret police was swiftly followed by their obliteration from all forms of pictorial existence."
defect  censorship  photography  Photoshop  history  Politics  nmd104  +++++ 
2 days ago by jonippolito
YouTube -- Styxhexenhammer666: EU Wants to Force Internet Firms to Remove "Extremist" Content Within One Hour
'But it will certainly be misapplied and only the largest firms can possibly micromanage like that and then only with AI.' -- All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.
internet  cognitivesurplus  censorship  statism  europe 
3 days ago by adamcrowe
Anonymous Conservative -- News Briefs – 09/14/2018
'EU moves on the internet, will impose charges for linking, content aggregation, and sharing, which will also essentially eliminate meme-ing. It is funny. They saw the upside of creating hard records and being able to track everyone and look back on their history, but the ability of likeminded people to find each other and the right to share their truth to drown out the wrong stripped them of more control than they gained. Now if they can just make it so nobody can talk or share ideas by pricing the average person out of the game, and they can control what everyone sees, they could control everything.'
internet  cognitivesurplus  censorship 
3 days ago by adamcrowe
On the Censorship of Michael Hoffman's Books by Amazon
To be banned by Amazon is not equivalent to being banned by any other private business. Most publishers will admit that Amazon has replaced Bowker Books in Print as the industry’s authoritative guide to what books in English have been printed in the past and what is in print now. Amazon is currently the reference source. For a book to be forbidden by Amazon renders it largely invisible. It is equivalent to burning the book.
censorship  zionism  amazon  political-correctness 
3 days ago by foliovision
China Aims to Augment ’50 Cent’ Army, Train Cadres on Publishing Favorable Online Content
"The Chinese regime is amping up its monitoring of the internet with a new strategy: creating its own online buzz. The strategy involves cadres of people who would open social-media accounts and publish internet content to shape public opinion directly, Chen Yixin, the head of the Chinese Communist Party’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission (PLAC), said at a Sept. 4 meeting with senior officials. PLAC controls China’s security apparatus. 'Utilize the PLAC’s advantage in resources to set up subjects and create hot topics,' Chen said, about training 'professional writers in the PLAC system who possess internet thinking.' The writers should be able to create attractive headlines that get netizens to click right away, and jump on any major event to influence public opinion and spread propaganda immediately—'to take the initiative to help the Party by sharing the burden,' he added. China’s internet monitoring and censorship apparatus, spanning different agencies, is notorious for deleting any content that is deemed inappropriate by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), even arresting and punishing those who express dissent against the Party. However, this is the first time the PLAC has publicly announced working in the realm of manufacturing internet speech."
otf  china  asia  gfw  censorship  50centarmy  propaganda  astroturfing 
4 days ago by dmcdev
RT : Does this look like fair and equal treatment to you, or the product of a deliberate regime of and contr…
censorship  from twitter
4 days ago by georgembodziony
Everything you need to know about Europe’s new copyright directive
Yesterday, the European Parliament approved amendments to the controversial Copyright Directive, a piece of legislation intended to update copyright for the internet age. Few pieces of legislation have polarized Europe this much in recent years. Critics said the vote heralded the death of the internet, while supporters congratulated themselves for saving the livelihoods of starving artists and giving US tech giants a poke in the eye.
EU  Europe  copyright  internet  linx-tax  censorship  upload-filter  copyfight  2018 
4 days ago by zzkt
The Ritual Burial Of The US Constitution | Zero Hedge
In the wake of a number of the Lehman and 9/11 commemorations in America, and as a monster storm is once again threatening to cause outsize damage, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in time, which will decide how the country interacts with its own laws, its legal system, its Constitution, its freedom of speech, and indeed if it has sufficient willpower left to adhere to the Constitution as its no. 1 guiding principle.
freespeech  ruleOfLaw  constitution  socialmedia  censorship 
5 days ago by Jswindle

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