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China: A Stronger Xi Means No Letup In China’s Internet Restrictions
"Xi Jinping’s ascension to power in China five years ago raised hopes that the son of a reformist revolutionary would open the country wider to the West.
Half a decade later and the opposite has happened: China is in the throes of the biggest crackdown on freedom of expression and media in the internet era. Foreign companies complain of restrictions that hamstring operations and favor homegrown players. Police are shutting businesses and arresting civilians on message groups as Beijing plugs more holes in its 'Great Firewall' blockade of blacklisted sites. Xi, who’s expected to cement his leadership of the Communist Party at the congress that started Wednesday, has galvanized a nationwide machine in which corporations, cybercops and automated systems police content to preserve the party’s seven-decade rule...If China’s supreme leader succeeds in shoring up his already extensive influence with another five-year term, web access won’t get any easier for internet players both local and foreign, not to mention the world’s largest populace." - Bloomberg News
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22 hours ago by dmcdev
Apple removed several privacy apps in China — now two senators are demanding answers
"United States Senators Ted Cruz and Patrick Leahy this week sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook demanding answers after the iPhone maker removed a number of privacy-providing apps from its Chinese App Store.

In the letter, the senators said China had an 'abysmal' human rights record with respect to freedom of expression and free access to information online and offline.

Cruz and Leahy wrote they were concerned that Apple 'may be enabling the Chinese government's censorship and surveillance of the Internet.'

Apple declined to comment specifically on the letter." - Saheli Roy Choudhury, CNBC
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22 hours ago by dmcdev
Analyzing HN moderation & censorship | Drew DeVault’s Blog
Hacker News is a popular “hacker” news board. One thing I love about HN is that the moderation generally does an excellent job. The site is free of spam and the conversations are usually respectful and meaningful (if pessimistic at times). However, there is always room for improvement, and moderation on Hacker News is no exception.
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yesterday by geetarista
WeChat begins censoring users ahead of China’s National Party Congress
China's 19th Party Congress begins on Wednesday and will last for about a week. "Already, on the eve of the gathering, we have the first glimpse of internet restrictions for Chinese users. WeChat, China’s top messaging app with more than 800 million registered users, has prevented its users from changing their nickname, profile photo or tagline until the end of October, as noted by WeChat expert and ChinaChannel blogger Matthew Brennan. It may seem subtle, but it is a move to prevent the spread of political ideas and opinions that Beijing would prefer kept silent through user profiles and alias updates, a common form of expression that reaches beyond a single conversation." - Jon Russell, TechCrunch
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2 days ago by dmcdev
African rulers' weapon against web-based dissent: the off switch
Governments slow internet speed by reducing bandwidth, or “throttling”, and target and shut down certain URLs like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, a process known as filtering. Although free apps like VPN Monster and Turbo VPN can circumvent filtering using VPNs which mask the location of a computer or phone, even a VPN won’t help you if you don’t have an internet connection in the first place.
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4 days ago by noodlepie
The ideological war playing out on China's internet
"As China's leaders gather in Beijing this week for the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), an ideological war is under way on the country's internet.

Some experts predict President Xi Jinping will use the meeting to establish a level of control and influence over the Party not seen since Mao Zedong, the strongman founder of the People's Republic.

While the internet has always been a key battleground for the Party, the past 12 months have seen a marked increase in censorship, with new laws and regulations targeting online expression even in areas or on certain topics where dissent was once tolerated or passed undetected." - James Griffiths, CNN
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4 days ago by dmcdev

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