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MoA - The British Kangaroo Court Proceedings Against Julian Assange
I had one book, Code Name Bella Dawn sabotaged by Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program where they simply removed negative remarks about Mr Obama. The point is this, where the courts will not act with independence free of fear and without favor but to the facts you are in very deep trouble.
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yesterday by foliovision
Coronavirus Weakens China’s Powerful Propaganda Machine
"Exhausted medical workers with faces lined from hours of wearing goggles and surgical masks. Women with shaved heads, a gesture of devotion. Retirees who donate their life savings anonymously in government offices. Beijing is tapping its old propaganda playbook as it battles the relentless coronavirus outbreak, the biggest challenge to its legitimacy in decades. State media is filling smartphones and airwaves with images and tales of unity and sacrifice aimed at uniting the people behind Beijing’s rule. It even briefly offered up cartoon mascots named Jiangshan Jiao and Hongqi Man, characters meant to stir patriotic feelings among the young during the crisis. The problem for China’s leaders: This time, it isn’t working so well.

Online, people are openly criticizing state media. They have harshly condemned stories of individual sacrifice when front-line medical personnel still lack basic supplies like masks. They shouted down Jiangshan Jiao and Hongqi Man. They have heaped scorn on images of the women with shaved heads, asking whether the women were pressured to do it and wondering why similar images of men weren’t appearing." - New York Times

+ Wall Street Journal: China’s Virus Censorship and Propaganda Draw Backlash
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2 days ago by dmcdev
Here's how China is hunting down coronavirus critics • VICE
David Gilbert:
<p>Joshua Left, a 28-year-old entrepreneur who runs a self-driving car startup in Wuhan, China, arrived in San Francisco in mid-January for a vacation, just as the first reports of a new “SARS-like” virus outbreak in China reached the U.S.

He almost immediately began worrying about his family back in his hometown of Wuhan, where the disease appeared to originate, and where panic was starting to set in. Concerned that his family might not be getting information on the scale of the burgeoning epidemic, he posted messages on his WeChat account sharing information he was afraid were not available inside China.

“But then things started to get weird,” he told VICE News.

Left, who asked not to be identified by his full Chinese name, said he first received a warning message from WeChat administrators. Then he began receiving strangely specific messages that appeared to come from four of his friends on WeChat, all asking him for his location, what hotel he was staying at in San Francisco, what his room number was, and what his U.S. phone number was.

Then his cell phone received a warning message that someone in Shanghai was trying to log into his account.

Finally, when he wouldn’t tell them where he was staying, the same accounts all simultaneously began urging him to return to China as soon as possible.</p>

China's government isn't going to let a little thing like a near-pandemic (or maybe it's there now..) get in its way.
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
Apple, Tell Us More About Your App Store Takedowns
Electronic Frontier Foundation

"EFF and 10 human rights organizations called out Apple for enabling China's censorship and surveillance regime through overly broad content restrictions on the App Store in China, and for its decision to move iCloud backups and encryption keys to within China. In a letter to Philip Schiller, Apple senior vice president and App Store lead, the groups asked for more transparency about App Store takedowns and to meet with Apple executives to discuss the company's decisions and ways Apple can rectify harms against Apple users most affected by the removals."

Among the organizations who signed on to the joint letter were, EFF, and representatives from Tibet Action Institute, and World Uyghur Congress. Read the full letter here.

+ "Apple could be forced to disclose details of censorship requests from China and other nations after two major shareholder groups backed a proposal that would force the tech firm to make new human rights commitments. The motion, set to be voted on by the company’s investors on Wednesday, was prompted by numerous allegations of Apple kowtowing to Beijing and blocking apps from being used by Chinese customers." via The Guardian: Apple may be forced to disclose censorship requests from China
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Togo: Instant messaging apps blocked amid 2020 election
OTF-supported OONI reports on the blocking of instant message apps WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger during Togo's presidential election, held on Saturday, February 22nd. Research gathered using OONI Probe "...suggest the blocking of the WhatsApp mobile app and Telegram Web, as well as the potential blocking of Facebook Messenger. All three instant messaging platforms appear to have been blocked on the Togo Telecom (AS24691) and Atlantique Telecom (AS37229) networks, but were accessible on the Canalbox (AS36924) network. This suggests that internet censorship varies across networks in Togo.

"As the blocking of WhatsApp endpoints involved IP addresses that are part of the Amazon AWS Cloud, the block might have potentially led to interference of other services reliant on the Amazon Cloud. However, the block was lifted by 24th February 2020, suggesting that any potential collateral damage was probably short-lived. Similarly, OONI measurements show that Telegram Web and Facebook Messenger are accessible across networks in Togo from 24th February 2020 onwards. As the network anomalies observed for WhatsApp, Telegram Web, and Facebook Messenger in Togo are mostly limited to 22nd February 2020, the platforms may have been blocked in correlation to the country’s presidential election on that day."
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Here's How China Is Hunting Down Coronavirus Critics - VICE
Post something about coronavirus online? Expect a visitor at your door.
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3 days ago by ivar
Coronavirus and the Blindness of Authoritarianism - The Atlantic
"China’s use of surveillance and censorship makes it harder for Xi Jinping to know what’s going on in his own country."
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3 days ago by robertogreco
Here's How China Is Hunting Down Coronavirus Critics
"As China ramps up efforts to control the narrative around the coronavirus outbreak, it is also expanding its efforts to leverage online platforms to track down people who dare to speak out. From tracking down Twitter users using their mobile numbers to hacking WeChat accounts to find out someone's location, Beijing is eager to stop any negative news from being shared online — and is will to use intimidation, arrests and threats of legal action." - David Gilbert, VICE

+ New York Times (video): China Is Censoring Coronavirus Stories. These Citizens Are Fighting Back.
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4 days ago by dmcdev

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