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Jailed for a Text: China’s Censors Are Spying on Mobile Chat Groups - WSJ
Interesting detail: they installed city CCTV outside his front door as overt surveillance
censorship  authoritarianism  china  surveillance 
yesterday by yorksranter
Baidu Japan will now diagnose whether your website is China-friendly
Chinese internet search company Baidu now offers a service for foreign companies to ensure their web presence is compatible with China's censorship-heavy internet. The new Baidu Japan service "is aimed at companies and local governments looking to take advantage of the sharp increase in Chinese visitors to Japan amid Beijing's tightening internet censorship. The crackdown can cause problems, such as failure to show website content or slower page downloads.

Baidu Japan offers the service in cooperation with LXR, a Tokyo-based creator of Chinese-language websites. LXR evaluates the accessibility of the client's website in China and publishes a report with suggestions on how to improve it." - Fumie Yaku, Nikkei Asian Review
otf  china  baidu  censorship 
yesterday by dmcdev
Tech Companies That Support Net Neutrality Aren't as Virtuous as You Think
In the speech, Pai sharply called out social media platforms for virtue-signaling their support of a “free and open internet” while simultaneously ramping up content filtering and censorship.
siliconValley  netNeutrality  censorship 
4 days ago by Jswindle
North Korea: Orwellian move to monitor citizens and bolster power by allowing smartphones
North Korea is allowing its citizens more access to technologies like mobile phones as a means to increase its surveillance powers over its citizens, writes Matt Drake for the Daily Express. "Mobile phones are becoming commonplace in North Korea and are seen as status symbols. But, access to the internet is limited and people are being employed by the regime to monitor people round the clock. Director of strategic threat development at Recorded Future, Priscilla Moriuchi, said: 'In an Orwellian sense, North Korea is innovating on surveillance.' Nearly all North Korean phones, tablets, laptops and computers run on locally developed operating systems stocked with censorship and surveillance tools...Computers either run a system called Red Star or a localised version of Microsoft Windows whereas smartphones and tablets run on localised versions of Android. The operating systems direct users to curated intranet loaded with Kim Jong-un speeches and recipes to North Korean dishes. Ms Moriuchi added that by mandating that certain technologies be installed on mobile devices, North Korea could be 'establishing a playbook for other authoritarian regimes.'" For a video on how North Korea is using smartphones to spy on its people, watch this Wall Street Journal video:
otf  northkorea  asia  censorship  surveillance  access 
5 days ago by dmcdev
10 years of Take Back the Tech! | (Nov. 2016)
Online VAW or TRVAW (technology related violence against women) is being taken seriously for how it effects women and their well being, how it is patriarchal and wilful suppression of the voices of women, and actively contributes to a culture of silencing and censorship.
women  misogyny  harassment  censorship  socialchange 
7 days ago by rachaelsullivan
Iran Aims To 'Customize' Internet Filtering
"Iran's telecommunications minister says that his ministry wants to customize Internet filtering based on user’s occupation, age, and other factors.

The attorney general's office has conditionally agreed with this plan, Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced on December 4.

Without providing any details, he said his ministry had reviewed suggestions made by the attorney general and prepared 'appropriate technical responses.' He expressed hope that the office would give its final approval for the implementation of the plan.

It seems that 'custom filtering' is an effort by President Hassan Rouhani’s government to ease Internet censorship." - Radio Farda
otf  iran  mena  censorship  access 
7 days ago by dmcdev
Apple, Facebook find something to praise China for amid internet clamp
"Top executives at Apple Inc and Facebook Inc managed to find something to praise Beijing for at an internet conference in China this week, even as its Communist Party rulers ban Western social media and stamp on online dissent. China’s World Internet Conference attracted the heads of Google and Apple for the first time to hear China vow to open up its internet - just as long as it can guard cyberspace in the same way it guards its borders. The tacit endorsement of the event by top U.S. tech executives comes as China introduces strict new rules on censorship and data storage, causing headaches for foreign tech firms permitted to do business in China and signaling that restrictions banning others are unlikely to be lifted any time soon." - Cate Cadell, Reuters
otf  china  asia  apple  facebook  censorship 
7 days ago by dmcdev
Update on the Block of Websites in Egypt - @afteegypt
The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) provides an update on the blockage of websites in Egypt after the government blocked at least 21 websites in May 2017. AFTE has been monitoring the situation since then and finds that "the number of websites increased from 21 to 465, which were temporarily or permanently blocked at the time of writing." AFTE's report provides a legal review of the decision to block websites, finding that the blockage of hundreds of sites was done "without known legal grounds."
otf  egypt  mena  censorship  access 
7 days ago by dmcdev
China: Die Grenzen des Sagbaren werden neu gezogen | ZEIT ONLINE
Frei war das Internet in China nie. Doch heute gehen Überwachung und Zensur weiter als je zuvor. Die Regierung erstickt die noch junge Zivilgesellschaft gleich wieder.
china  censorship  surveillance  privacy  politics 
7 days ago by SimonHurtz

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