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OONI - Uganda's Social Media Tax through the lens of network measurements
This study is part of an ongoing effort to examine internet censorship in Uganda and in more than 200 other countries around the world.

The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) and DefendDefenders (The East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project) collaborated on a joint research study to examine internet censorship in Uganda through the collection and analysis of network measurements. The aim of this study is to document internet censorship in Uganda through the analysis of empirical data.

The following sections provide information about Uganda’s new social media tax. We also document our methodology and present the findings from our analysis.
censorship  web  uganda  africa  lang:en  studies  internet  social  network 
21 hours ago by whilelm
Excerpt: ‘India Connected’ by Ravi Agrawal
It wasn’t the case only in 2012. As hundreds of millions of Indians continued to discover the internet through 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and even 2017, Sunny Leone remained the most-searched-for person in India. People simply couldn’t get enough. (Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it to No. 2 in 2014, the year he was elected, but Leone remained the clear favorite.)
india  sex  mobile  cellphones  content  censorship  privacy  online 
yesterday by allaboutgeorge
China’s Government Has Ordered a Million Citizens to Occupy Uighur Homes. Here’s What They Think They’re Doing. | ChinaFile
Many Uighurs told me that perhaps the most painful part of the “United as One Family” program was the way it undermined the authority of Uighur parents and destroyed families. They described the “relatives” as trying to take away their future. Families and their faith, many explained, were the last space of refuge and security in Uighur society.

The “relatives” I spoke to, who did the state’s work of tearing families apart and sending them into the camp system, saw themselves as simply “doing their jobs.”
censorship  privacy 
2 days ago by tamberg
На хрена это всё??? – И вот нет чтоб да
Вы гляньте, господа чекисты, как работает то же АНБ. Его ж не видно, не слышно. Если б не Сноуден, никто бы и не узнал, что его слушали. Прослушиваемые думали, что они в полной безопасности.

А у вас? Сорм–хуёрм, пакет Яровой, слепок залупы визировать у участкового. Мобилу нормально к голове приложить невозможно, ваше торчащее из микрофона ухо мешает. Всё по методике деда–чекиста, "у нас должен быть вахтер под каждой кроватью". То есть тупо блокировать любые неконтролируемые каналы обмена информацией.

Во времена, когда из доступных гражданам каналов передачи информации были только почта, телефон и телеграф, а для приобретения пишущей машинки необходимо было быть членом Союза писателей, это еще работало. Да и то хуёво, потому что все слушали "Голос Америки", а советские писатели–диссиденты всё равно умудрялись печататься на Западе. Сейчас это не работает никак, от слова "совсем". Но других методов дедуля вам в наследство не оставил.

Поэтому любой гражданин, которого вам было бы интересно послушать, заранее знает, что его слушают. Соответственно, он будет ныкаться так, чтоб вам было ни хуя не слышно. Либо чтоб вы всё слышали, но ни хуя не поняли. Технические средства для этого сейчас есть у всех. Плюс тотальная коррупция.

Вы понимаете, что те методы, которыми вы действуете, убивают сам смысл того, ради чего вы это всё затеваете? Ну так и на хрена это всё???
russian  internet  censorship  fail 
3 days ago by some_hren
Facebook refuses Singapore request to remove post after critical website blocked - World | The Star Online
Facebook has rejected a Singapore government request to remove a post of an online article that the government said was "false and malicious", prompting its Law Ministry to say the case illustrated the need to introduce legislation to stop fake news.

Singapore's central bank said on Friday it had filed a police report against an online article by an Australia-based independent blogger about Singapore banks and Malaysia's scandal-linked 1MDB state fund.

Web access in Singapore to the website of the States Times Review (STR) has been blocked by internet service providers as directed by Singapore's telecom and media regulator IMDA, which said it had determined the website carried prohibited content.

"IMDA has assessed that the article undermined public confidence in the integrity of the Singapore Government and is objectionable on grounds of public interest," Infocommm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said in a statement.
Singapore  Censorship 
3 days ago by quant18
Communicating While Queer Is Being Punished in Prison - The Appeal
According to the lawsuit, 11 prisons censored and refused mail from Black and Pink Chicago on over 200 occasions since 2016. The DOC’s censorship of Black and Pink material is part of a wider pattern of discrimination against LGBTQ people, the attorneys said.

“LGBTQ prisoners are isolated in prison … I mean everybody is isolated in prison, but it’s isolation within isolation,” Alan Mills, executive director of Uptown People’s Law Center, told The Appeal. “Therefore, the ability to communicate with people on the outside and know that they have supporters, know that they are not alone in there, is absolutely vital.”
incarceration  prison  lgbtq  anarchism  censorship  illinois 
5 days ago by adegru
Passwords at the Border - Schneier on Security
The mere existence of this post is proof that you are no longer living in a free country. Of course, by that measure, there is no free country left anyway.
privacy  censorship  security 
7 days ago by foliovision
Important Announcement : subredditcancer
It is with a great deal of reluctance and disappointment that we have decided to close r/SubredditCancer from this point forward. The moderators...
censorship  social 
7 days ago by pankkake
What Is A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)?
SJW ideas have reached a critical mass in America. University students are indoctrinated with progressive thought that is becoming aligned with SJWism, and even students in grade school are becoming exposed to SJW ideas through feminist-friendly teachers who read the same sites as SJW’s.
sjw  censorship 
7 days ago by foliovision

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