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The Center Is a Decaying Piece of Real Estate | The Nation
In The New York Times, Ezra Klein argues that "To win power, Democrats don't just need to appeal to the voter in the middle. They need to appeal to voters to the right of the middle." But this vaunted middle ground seems increasingly mythical.

Hillary Clinton described her 2016 strategy against Trump as "occupying from the center-left to the center-right." The fetish for holding the center—and by implication, not troubling oneself unduly with coherent and consistent principles—was perhaps most candidly articulated by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer when he said, "For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin." This was, of course, a losing strategy.

That "average American" is the ghost in the machine of centrism. The center is meant not to articulate itself. It is the "silent majority" Richard Nixon invoked in 1969: those who did not attend anti-​war demonstrations, whose silence was taken as consent. It cannot be defined on its own terms but only in relation to its surroundings.

Yet the poles of a political system are defined by its outer limits. The assumption that those who are reluctant to take a side have occupied a middle position is a false one. The truth may be that they find themselves outside the system entirely, not seeing themselves represented in it.

After Trump's election, the philosopher Alain Badiou suggested that "the contradiction between Hillary Clinton and Trump was a relative contradiction and not an absolute one; that is, a contradiction in the same parameters, in the same construction of the world." Indeed, their membership in common social circles, captured on camera on many occasions, suggested that even the real differences between them had limits. It was at the margins, Badiou hypothesized, in Sanders's candidacy, that it was possible to glimpse something "beyond the world as it is."
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6 days ago by Marcellus
‎Front and Center on the Mac App Store
click on background window to bring whole app to the front
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29 days ago by danfnz
This was Experts Live Europe 2019 » TechGuy
As some of you may know, I was speaking at Experts Live 2019 in Prague, a few weeks ago.

Experts Live Europe is the biggest, Microsoft Community Event in Europe, and it was a honor to be part of it, as a speaker.

On the first Day of the Main Conference, I was speaking about Service Management and Automation with System Center.

„6 ways to screw up your System Center ITSM Project“ was the Topic and we had a lot of interesting Discussion during and after the Session.

Thanks to Isi and Marcel for having me as a speaker at this Conference, so I was part of nearly 40 of the best speakers world wide, that makes me really proud.

See some Photos, all of them are on Facebook Page, see links below

some Links:

Facebook Page and all Photos:


Hopefully see you at one of the upcoming Conferences, and maybe next year at Experts Live Prague!


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