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The Cure for Insomnia - Charlie Rose (Night_Owl6) - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Things were going great and then they weren't. Turns out you can't hide from your demons forever as Quentin will soon realize. He begins to disappear into the dark corners of his mind and forgets how to function like a basic human being. Can the combined efforts of Eliot and Margo save him before it’s too late?
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  CharlieRose  season1  hurt/comfort  au  au:branching  polyamory  depression  angst 
february 2019 by southerly
interviewed 100+ former colleagues. Investigation yields additional 27 women who have made alleg…
WaPo  CharlieRose  from twitter_favs
may 2018 by andriak
With ' firing of , we now have yet another example of the entertainment industry having a higher re…
CharlieRose  from twitter_favs
november 2017 by andriak
Faye went to school with in Henderson. Here’s how she describes him, and how she reacts to the allegat…
CharlieRose  from twitter_favs
november 2017 by andriak
was born in Henderson, and still owns this home there. Neighbors tell me he was the “pride of Henderso…
CharlieRose  from twitter_favs
november 2017 by andriak
If knew about for weeks, why did they allow him to do the intv with on Louis C…
NYT  CBS  CharlieRose  from twitter_favs
november 2017 by andriak
Photographer Sally Mann reflects on career in new memoir "Hold Still" - CBS News
"In the end it's love and work" - what/who you love and the work you do to make and find your place in it "I used to be taking pictures to save things. That was the impulse was to either take pictures to save something, or to try and see what something would look like when it was photographed," she said. "Now it's now it's a lot more important to me to actually say something."
sallymann  video  photographer  history  largeformat  charlierose  story  love  work 
june 2015 by bwiese
Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity - Fox Nation
Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity

BILL MAHER: I saw Howard Dean on TV the other day and he said something along the order, he said the people in ISIS -- he said I'm about as Islamic as they are, you know, distancing the vast numbers of Islamic people around the world from them. That's just not true.

CHARLIE ROSE: It is true.

MAHER: It is not true, Charlie. There is a connecting tissue between --

ROSE: Behind every Muslim is a future member of some radical?

MAHER: Let me finish.

ROSE: I was doing that.

MAHER: There are illiberal beliefs that are held by vast numbers of Muslim people that --

ROSE: A vast number of Christians too.

MAHER: No, that's not true. Not true. Vast numbers of Christians do not believe that if you leave the Christian religion you should be killed for it. Vast numbers of Christians do not treat women as second class citizens. Vast numbers of Christians --

ROSE: I agree with that --

MAHER: -- do not believe if you draw a picture of Jesus Christ you should get killed for it. So yes, does ISIS do Khmer Rouge-like activities where they just kill people indiscriminately who aren't just like them? Yes. And would most Muslim people in the world do that or condone that? No.


MAHER: But most Muslim people in the world do condone violence just for what you think.

ROSE: How do you know that?

MAHER: They do. First of all they say it. They shout it.

ROSE: Vast majorities of Muslims say that?

MAHER: Absolutely. There was a Pew poll in Egypt done a few years ago -- 82% said, I think, stoning is the appropriate punishment for adultery. Over 80% thought death was the appropriate punishment for leaving the Muslim religion. I'm sure you know these things.

ROSE: Well I do. But I don't believe --

MAHER: So to claim that this religion is like other religions is just naive and plain wrong. It is not like other religious. The New York Times pointed out in an op-ed a couple weeks ago that in Saudi Arabia just since August 4th, they think it was, they have beheaded 19 people. Most for non-violent crimes including homosexuality.

ROSE: I know that they cut the hands off the thief.

MAHER: Right, okay, so we're upset that ISIS is beheading people which we should be upset about but Saudi Arabia does it and they're our good friends because they have oil. Okay. But they do it too. This is the center of the religion. I'm not saying -

ROSE: But they're now fighting against ISIS too. They're joining us in the fight. As is the Emirates. As is Jordan. They are all Muslim countries.

MAHER: Well, they are both fighting ISIS and they are for ISIS.

ROSE: Well, it's not the government. I mean, some of them --

MAHER: Certainly the governments.

ROSE: It's a bit like today about Qatar. The big story today in The New York Times about Qatar. And some guy there is supporting, who is a Muslim --

MAHER: But I mean in Mecca where infidels, non-Muslims, are not even allowed in the holy parts of the city. I mean, right there, we don't have that example in other religions. They do behead people. Now if they were beheading people in Vatican City, which is the equivalent of Mecca, don't you think there would be a bigger outcry about it? So this is the soft bigotry of low expectations with Muslim people. When they do crazy things and believe crazy things, somehow it's not talked about nearly as much.

ROSE: Would you come to the table and debate this with a moderate Muslim?

MAHER: Find one, yes. Find one.

ROSE: I promise you I'll find one.

MAHER: Find a Muslim --

ROSE: I do believe that what we see with ISIS is not representative of --

MAHER: As I said, connecting tissue.

ROSE: -- not representative of the Islamic religion. I don't think the Koran teaches them to do these kinds of things.

MAHER: Well you're wrong about that. The Koran absolutely has on every page stuff that's horrible about how the infidels should be treated. But for example again ISIS says that they should perform genital mutilation on all women 11-46. Would most Muslims agree with that? No. Or carry it out? No.

But as Ayaan Hirsi Ali points out, she says --

ROSE: I wouldn't expect for her to --

MAHER: And she would know better than --

ROSE: Exactly.

MAHER: But can we really say --

ROSE: She's been a victim.

MAHER: -- women are treated equally in the Muslim world? I mean, their testimony in court is very often counted as half. They need permission to leave the house in some places.

ROSE: But a lot of moderate Muslims would say in fact one of the things that we need to modernize is the idea of the way we treat women.

MAHER: But in this country, if you just use the wrong word about women, they go nuts. And all these other countries --

ROSE: As they should.

MAHER: -- they're doing things like making them wear burqas and I hear liberals say things like, 'they want to.' They want to. They've been brainwashed. It's like saying a street walker wants to do that.

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golfnutt8 12 minutes ago
I cant stand Bill Maher but this time the socialist/atheist gets it right!


lwout65 15 minutes ago
There is no such thing as radical Islam the entire cult is radical by default.


jabbadonut 37 minutes ago
I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Islam is the enemy of humanity.


GeneHall 39 minutes ago
Maher finally has come around to the intelligent side of the table this is the second time onsso many days he has a actually made good points and was on the true Americans side of things. He will loose his invite to liberal parties now.


jabbadonut 36 minutes ago

I noticed that, too. Up to now I've always thought he was "just a bit too liberal," but now he's been saying some things I actually agree with. I guess he's maturing.


moderateminded 23 minutes ago
@jabbadonut @GeneHall Though he has been saying this since at least 2006 so its not new.


victormurgolo 50 minutes ago
I have always liked Bill Maher. He is always logical in my opinion. When he debates with the pompous loud mouth O'riely he always shuts him down. I agree with every word he said Islam is not a religion . It is a violent cult that need to be eliminated

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september 2014 by bryanzug
Charlie Rose - Graeme McDowell
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june 2013 by maoxian

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