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Google's new chat product (2008)
Go Back to the Future with Google Lively
google  lively  chat  hangouts  funny  tootme 
14 hours ago by nelson
Home | Airim | Personalized Self-Service for your Customers
Airim makes it easy for your users to figure out your product on their own, by providing quick assistance anywhere within your website or web app
chat  customersupport  services 
14 hours ago by bradbarrish
Bettergram - Improved Telegram Client for Crypto
An improved Telegram client with 50 pins, favorites, chat tabs, and cryptocurrency prices built by the founder of Live Coin Watch
telegram  Software  Chat 
yesterday by mortonfox
spectrum/src/components at alpha · withspectrum/spectrum
large react codebase. github just bought this company.
reactjs  chat  spectrum  github 
5 days ago by dotjosh
Birdey vs Podium
BirdEye and Podium both help businesses get new reviews and chat with customers.
survey-software  review-software  chat 
6 days ago by michaelhartzell

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