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Stealth - Build amazing chatbots with tools you know and love.
Stealth is an open source Ruby framework for conversational voice and text chatbots.

ruby  framework  chat  bot  messaging 
4 minutes ago by junya
Enter the Matrix · Brendan Abolivier
Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite decentralised free software projects right now: Matrix. Let’s get things straight first, I’m talking about neither the science-fiction franchise, nor the nightclub in Berlin. Matrix is a protocol for decentralised, federated and secure communications, created and maintained by New Vector, a company split between London, UK and Rennes, France (which I joined for an internship in London during the last summer). It’s based on RESTful HTTP/JSON APIs, documented in open specifications, and is designed to be usable for anything that requires real-time-ish communications, from instant messaging to IoT. Some people are also experimenting with using Matrix for blogs, RSS reader, and other stuff that’s quite far from what you’d expect to see with such a project. Despite that, however, it’s currently mainly used for instant messaging, especially through the Riot client (which is also developed by New Vector).
matrix  opensource  chat  trend  decentralized 
5 days ago by euler
GitHub - j4p3/strimpack: A platform for livestreamers to make a home for their audience.
A tool for livestreamers to set up their own site, chat, subscription system, and forum.
streaming  opensource  video  chat 
5 days ago by euler
Welcome to InterviewJS
InterviewJS is an open-source tool for journalists to make stories engaging. Storytellers are taken through the process of building a chat story from creating interviewee profiles to composing interactive messaging exchanges combining text, videos, maps, audio, charts or any other type of embeddable content.

The result: mobile-friendly stories in the form of an embeddable web app that enable users to engage with interviewees seemingly directly. They can be shared on social media or embedded on your website.
tools  interactivity  chat  chatbots 
7 days ago by paulbradshaw
Station unifies all your work tools in one neat & productive interface.
mac  app  chat  productivity  IFTTT  tools  software  macos  Apps  free 
7 days ago by colcustard

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