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Conversational AI and the Adoption of are Disrupting

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3 days ago by jhill5
Chatbots Are Dead. Cloud Unicorn Intercom Is Betting AI Can Bring Them Back.
Intercom’s belief is that chatbots have failed by trying to emulate old-school phone trees, and that their “unprogrammable”, continually-learning Answer Bot is how this sort of interaction should actually work. Sounds great, if it works in practice.

While this sounds like a perfect replacement for FAQs, another useful chatbot function is the ability to program auto-replies during certain hours, to reach out to users who you haven’t heard from in a certain duration, etc. Does Intercom already support these use cases?
chatbots  intercom 
4 days ago by irace
One scholar’s work that I have not heard mentioned enough in discussions of , , etc, is Lucy Suchman’s…
chatbots  AI  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by sdp
"You will be far off the revenue if you wait a year or two to adopt . will move on to the pro…
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8 days ago by jhill5
Use Chatbots for Employee eLearning - Tangowork: Consulting for Employee Chatbots & Conversational UIs
Chris McGrath makes an argument for using chatbots and messaging services to select and deliver training, particularly microlearning
learning  microlearning  chatbots  messaging 
9 days ago by thompsonsimon
Is Alexa Dangerous? - The Atlantic
Alexa, Should We Trust You?

The voice revolution has only just begun. Today, Alexa is a humble servant. Very soon, she could be much more—a teacher, a therapist, a confidant, an informant.
alexa  smarthome  smarthomes  internetofthings  voice  bots  chatbots  atlantic  privacy 
10 days ago by jorgebarba
allow for a much more functional type of that offers service and utility to consumers (informa…
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17 days ago by rukku
Getting ready to present on at the event downtown Toronto.
IBMGlobalElite  chatbots  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by leonsp
Come build and learn about conversational analytics with & on Wednesday, October 3.…
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24 days ago by sinned
Dexter is a chat and voice automation platform.
Dexter is the platform for businesses, brands, and people to create automated conversations. We power chatbots and Alexa voice skills.
platform  chatbots  tools  bots  chat  chatbot 
25 days ago by boxman
Welcome to Botwiki | Botwiki
Cataloging the world of creative bots, clumsy AI, and machine ethics
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26 days ago by rwintle

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