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Field exposure and printing notes – Eric Searing Photography
card per 4×5 shot allows me to capture all the information about the exposure I need to remember or use for printing later. I have refined this card over time and today I added my Film Development routine to the back.
largeformat  filmphotography  reference  cheatsheet  development 
6 minutes ago by bwiese
Photographers Aids – Eric Searing Photography
Field notes:

Exposure 3x5card – Exposure notes plus Film processing notes on side 2. article
EV Exposure Chart (spreadsheet) – Average EV and Zone III charts article
LF Think Card 3×5 – Little reminders for boosting creativity.
Multiformat Image Guide Printable 4×5 image guide with various cropping guidelines for use in field to enhance composition.
Darkroom notes

Printing notes Version2 – Use with color head or filters under lens for upto 3 images or 3 printing sessions of same image.
Printing notes Version 3 – Single image with 10 lines for print notes
My Personal Pyrocat HD Processing Guide – A simple guide for N- to N+ times and agitation for FP4 and HP5. for Delta use 5% to 10% less time article
photography  reference  filmphotography  largeformat  pdf  cheatsheet 
2 days ago by bwiese
pysheeet/python-sqlalchemy.rst at master · crazyguitar/pysheeet
Python Cheat Sheet. Contribute to crazyguitar/pysheeet development by creating an account on GitHub.
python  database  sqlalchemy  cheatsheet 
2 days ago by brunns
Yum Command Cheat Sheet for Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Red Hat Customer Portal
The yum command is the primary tool for getting, installing, deleting, querying, and otherwise manag
centos  cheatsheet  yum 
3 days ago by ddeimeke
Subdivision Surface Modeling - polycount
@google 3d modelling support edges; really great posters and cheat sheets at the bottom of the page
3D_modeling  hard_surface  cheatsheet 
4 days ago by bytezen
The Google Cloud Developer's Cheat Sheet
The Google Cloud Developer's Cheat Sheet by the Google Developer Relations Team.
A list of every product in the Google Cloud family described in 4 words or less.
Google  cloud-computing  online  service  list  reference  cheatsheet 
4 days ago by liqweed

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