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Devhints: great cheatsheet for React Git whatever !!!
A ridiculous collection of web development cheatsheets · One-page guide to
cheatsheet  reference  tips  webdev  javascript  coding 
2 hours ago by lucapostBo
Vim Cheat Sheet - English
A mobile friendly VIM cheat sheet
cheatsheet  vim 
3 hours ago by stuartcw
estelle/html_elements: Template using all the HTML elements
Template using most of the HTML elements, including HTML5 elements, with no CSS.
html  markup  template  cheatsheet 
20 hours ago by freshmango
YUM COMMAND CHEAT SHEET for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (PDF)
for Red Hat Enterprise Linux


help Display yum commands and options
yum help
Show yum subcommands and options

Individual packages
list List package names from repositories
yum list available
List all available packages
yum list installed
List all installed packages
centos  redhat  cheatsheet  yum  linux  howto 
23 hours ago by ndf
Cognitive bias cheat sheet – Better Humans
I’ve spent many years referencing Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases whenever I have a hunch that a certain type of thinking is an official bias but I can’t recall the name or details. It’s been an…
psychology  bias  reference  thinking  cognitive  cognitivebias  cheatsheet 
yesterday by catichenor
Chris Konings
Simple, clear css grid cheat sheet.
cssGrid  CheatSheet  css 
4 days ago by lost_in_space
Web Application Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet |
This cheatsheet is intended to run down the typical steps performed when conducting a web application penetration test. I will break these steps down into sub-tasks and describe the tools I recommend using at each level.
webdev  infosec  cheatsheet  pentest  programming  web  security  testing 
4 days ago by mdciotti

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