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The USE Method
The Utilization Saturation and Errors (USE) Method is a methodology for analyzing the performance of any system. It directs the construction of a checklist, which for server analysis can be used for quickly identifying resource bottlenecks or errors. It begins by posing questions, and then seeks answers, instead of beginning with given metrics (partial answers) and trying to work backwards.

The resulting USE Method-derived checklists for different operating systems are listed on the left navigation panel (Linux, Solaris, etc). You can customize these for your environment, adding additional tools that your site uses. There is also the Rosetta Stone of Performance Checklists, automatically generated from some of these. Performance monitoring products can make the USE method easier to follow by providing its metrics via an easy-to-use interface.
sysadmin  performance  troubleshooting  debugging  checklist 
yesterday by cdzombak
5 things to be more effective
Are you doing these five things to be more effective at work?
productivity  checklist 
2 days ago by alssanro
The Ultimate Checklist Guide to Reinstalling Windows on Your PC
Reinstalling Windows isn’t as simple as just clicking through an installer. You’ll want to have important data backed up first, and then you’ll need installation media and a product key before continuing—and those are just the basics. This checklist will walk you through reinstalling Windows and ensure you won’t forget anything.
checklist  guide  windows  install 
2 days ago by morwyn
The Side Project Marketing Checklist
The Side Project Marketing Checklist If we knew what were doing it wouldn’t be called research. - Albert Einstein Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left. - Seth Godin via Pocket
checklist  marketing  startup 
2 days ago by alssanro

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