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Front-End Performance Checklist 2018
So, if we created an overview of all the things we have to keep in mind when improving performance β€” from the very start of the process until the final release of the website β€” what would that list look like? Below you'll find a (hopefully unbiased and objective) front-end performance checklist for 2018 β€” an overview of the issues you might need to consider to ensure that your response times are fast, user interaction is smooth and your sites don't drain user's bandwidth.
css  frontend  performance  checklist  webdev 
8 days ago by gglnx
Front-End Performance Checklist 2018
Let’s make 2018... fast! A front-end performance checklist (PDF/Apple Pages), with everything you need to know to create fast experiences today.
fridayfrontend  performance  checklist 
10 days ago by spaceninja

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