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Crostini alla Romana Recipe on Food52
This is a family recipe of my Italian husband from Rome. It's an excellent way to use stale bread. The bread is soaked in milk, then cooked with oil in a frying pan; it's crispy on the surface but soft inside—so you eat it with a fork and knife. It's sort of savory French Toast without eggs, topped with mozzarella and anchovy.

Here I used flat leaf parsley, but other fresh herbs such as thyme, oregano and sage also work well.

To serve a crowd, you can finish the dish in 350° F (180° C) oven to melt the cheese so it's nice and bubbly.
recipe  italian  appetizer  snacks  bread  dairy  cheese  fish  herbs  food-for-two 
2 days ago by nyx
Tomato-Cheddar Soup Recipe
try with less cheese? uses canned tomatoes
tomatoes  soup  cheese  quick  onion 
4 days ago by statone
Ich habe dann noch etwas Holländischeres gefunden.
latergram  branding  kaese  cheese  vangogh  from twitter
6 days ago by grzbielok
Cheesy Cauliflower and Potato Soup - Budget Bytes
could do as a loaded potato soup w/ some crumbled bacon & extra cheese on top
(5pt/serving w/ evap milk : 4pt/serving w/ 0.5 cup heavy cream)
looks-interesting  soup  main-course  vegetarian  cheese  cauliflower  potatoes 
7 days ago by mondaynightdinner

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