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Cherokee blood: Why do so many Americans believe they have Cherokee ancestry?
The tradition of claiming a Cherokee ancestor continues into the present. Today, more Americans claim descent from at least one Cherokee ancestor than any other Native American group. Across the United States, Americans tell and retell stories of long-lost Cherokee ancestors. These tales of family genealogies become murkier with each passing generation, but like Phelps, contemporary Americans profess their belief despite not being able to point directly to a Cherokee in their family tree.
The Cherokees resisted state and federal efforts to remove them from their Southeastern homelands during the 1820s and 1830s. During that time, most whites saw them as an inconvenient nuisance, an obstacle to colonial expansion. But after their removal, the tribe came to be viewed more romantically, especially in the antebellum South, where their determination to maintain their rights of self-government against the federal government took on new meaning. Throughout the South in the 1840s and 1850s, large numbers of whites began claiming they were descended from a Cherokee great-grandmother.
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1984 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Behind 2nd Row Seats Rear Barrier Divid – Raingler
Now upgraded for more ceiling, floor and side coverage!
Raingler's Jeep Cherokee barrier and divider for dogs and gear containment.
Contoured to fit and block off the rear cargo area to keep your gear and dog safe in back.  
Can be installed easily and re-installs or removes in a moment as desired.  
MOLLE gear bags may be mounted to net and hybrid units as shown. (Make a trail head rest mount as video details).
NOTE: Video depicts original Raingler Jeep Cherokee XJ barrier. New models now shipping for a higher and wider fit as in Yellow Jeep pictures.
Cargo bags, floor and ceiling nets sold separately.
INCLUDES heavy-duty install kits C101+C102 for Cherokee's WITH an overhead rear seat belt shoulder harness (as shown in video) 
OPTIONAL: If your Jeep does not have upper shoulder seatbelts in rear, order the C100S hardware package from the pop up when you add this product to the cart, or find it in our hardware section. 
Custom stitching color, material and material color available.
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The goal of this syllabus is to frame the recent claims to Cherokee ancestry by US Senator Elizabeth Warren as part of a longer history of cultural appropriation, erasure, and settler colonialism. Warren’s claims reveal the pervasive influence of biological essentialism--through the supposed certainty of DNA testing--in the globalized present. As is documented in this syllabus, the juncture of culture, genetics, and Indigenous sovereignty has become a crucial domain of discursive and political contestation. At stake is the ability of sovereign Indigenous nations to determine citizenship and belonging according to their own cultural beliefs and historical understandings of community. In compiling this syllabus, we underscore the work of Indigenous writers, scholars, and activists, and we have focused primarily on the historical position of the Cherokee Nation in these debates.
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