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Why children struggle to cross busy streets safely: New research shows perceptual judgment, motor skills not fully developed until age 14 -- ScienceDaily
New research from the University of Iowa shows children under certain ages lack the perceptual judgment and motor skills to cross a busy road consistently without putting themselves in danger. The researchers placed children from 6 to 14 years old in a realistic simulated environment and asked them to cross one lane of a busy road multiple times.

The results: Children up to their early teenage years had difficulty consistently crossing the street safely, with accident rates as high as 8 percent with 6-year-olds. Only by age 14 did children navigate street crossing without incident, while 12-year-olds mostly compensated for inferior road-crossing motor skills by choosing bigger gaps in traffic.
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yesterday by juliusbeezer
Household cleaning products may contribute to kids' overweight by altering their gut microbiota -- ScienceDaily
"Commonly used household cleaners [disinfectants] could be making children [babies and toddlers] overweight by altering their gut microbiota, suggests a new study." Using detergents and eco-friendly products didn't have this impact.
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yesterday by katherinestevens
Steve Spangler Science | Experiments - Science Toys - Classroom Kits
Educational science toys, STEM kits, teacher workshop materials, classroom sets, easy science fair projects, slime & amazing experiments by Steve Spangler.
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Let Grow - Future-proofing Our Kids and Our Country
Treating today's kids as physically and emotionally fragile is bad for their future – and ours. Let Grow counters the culture of overprotection.
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3 days ago by sprague
Every single emotion
Quote: "If you bite on everything they throw at you, they will grind you down. You have to ignore a certain amount of stuff. The thing I keep saying to them lately is: “I have to love you, and I have the right to ignore you.” When my kids ask what I want for my birthday or Christmas or whatever, I use the same answer my father did: “Peace and quiet.”"
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4 days ago by ajohnson1200

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