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The secret lives of children and their phones
excellent, sensitive article on children and phones, social media etc
phones  children  social_media 
16 hours ago by diasyrmus
We Need A Child Tax Credit Bump To Undo Our Redistribution Of Children
With Ivanka Trump out front, President Trump’s tax reform framework includes an idea crucial for significantly reducing taxes on middle and lower earners, who pay the least proportion of taxes: expanding the child tax credit. The New York Times displays some graphs explaining why — the grey bars are effects their economists think are uncertain because those parts of the plan are less specific, the pink effects they are more certain would result. Tripling the child tax credit, from $1,000 to $3,000 per child, is one of the policies on the table that has the most consequences for middle and lower earners.
welfare  welfareState  children  family  taxation 
yesterday by Jswindle
How To Keep Your Child Healthy This Fall!
It can be challenging to keep your child living a healthy lifestyle through the fall months where there are unhealthy temptations everywhere.
children  exercise  healthy 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Relative age within the school year and diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: a nationwide population-based study - The Lancet Psychiatry
In a health service system with low prescribing rates for ADHD, a younger relative age is associated with an increased likelihood of receiving a clinical diagnosis of ADHD. This effect has increased in recent years. Teachers, parents, and clinicians should take relative age into account when considering the possibility of ADHD in a child or encountering a child with a pre-existing diagnosis.
adhd  health  children  school 
2 days ago by soobrosa

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