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AWS China(Beijing) Region Tips
ICP recordal/license No. associated on your AWS China account
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19 hours ago by krs3
China: A Stronger Xi Means No Letup In China’s Internet Restrictions
"Xi Jinping’s ascension to power in China five years ago raised hopes that the son of a reformist revolutionary would open the country wider to the West.
Half a decade later and the opposite has happened: China is in the throes of the biggest crackdown on freedom of expression and media in the internet era. Foreign companies complain of restrictions that hamstring operations and favor homegrown players. Police are shutting businesses and arresting civilians on message groups as Beijing plugs more holes in its 'Great Firewall' blockade of blacklisted sites. Xi, who’s expected to cement his leadership of the Communist Party at the congress that started Wednesday, has galvanized a nationwide machine in which corporations, cybercops and automated systems police content to preserve the party’s seven-decade rule...If China’s supreme leader succeeds in shoring up his already extensive influence with another five-year term, web access won’t get any easier for internet players both local and foreign, not to mention the world’s largest populace." - Bloomberg News
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22 hours ago by dmcdev
Apple removed several privacy apps in China — now two senators are demanding answers
"United States Senators Ted Cruz and Patrick Leahy this week sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook demanding answers after the iPhone maker removed a number of privacy-providing apps from its Chinese App Store.

In the letter, the senators said China had an 'abysmal' human rights record with respect to freedom of expression and free access to information online and offline.

Cruz and Leahy wrote they were concerned that Apple 'may be enabling the Chinese government's censorship and surveillance of the Internet.'

Apple declined to comment specifically on the letter." - Saheli Roy Choudhury, CNBC
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22 hours ago by dmcdev
With a new app, China claps until their fingertips ache for president Xi Jinping
At China's 19th Party Congress, President Xi Jinping on Wednesday delivered an epic, prolonged speech, clocking in at about 3.5 hours. That speech "was quickly distilled into an 18-second snippet and inserted into a web app that exploded in popularity. Viewers who open the app watch the video before being transported to a picture of the Great Hall of the People, over which are superimposed a set of hands. A tap of the screen produces a clap, with a meter on-screen showing progress as users furiously peck out applause. It’s called 'Clap for Xi Jinping,' and it has succeeded in unleashing a torrent of virtual acclaim for a leader who has become the object of a new cult of personality in China through savvy use of new media by a generation of digitally-literate propagandists." - Nathan Vanderklippe, The Globe and Mail
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22 hours ago by dmcdev
This Is What A 21st-Century Police State Really Looks Like #China
"China, which has already deployed the world’s most sophisticated internet censorship system, is building a surveillance state in Xinjiang, a four-hour flight from Beijing, that uses both the newest technology and human policing to keep tabs on every aspect of citizens’ daily lives. The region is home to a Muslim ethnic minority called the Uighurs, who China has blamed for forming separatist groups and fueling terrorism. Since this spring, thousands of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities have disappeared into so-called political education centers, apparently for offenses from using Western social media apps to studying abroad in Muslim countries, according to relatives of those detained." - Megha Rajagopalan, BuzzFeed News
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22 hours ago by dmcdev
Fraud Scandals Sap China’s Dream of Becoming a Science Superpower - The New York Times
But in its rush to dominance, China has stood out in another, less boastful way. Since 2012, the country has retracted more scientific papers because of faked peer reviews than all other countries and territories put together, according to Retraction Watch, a blog that tracks and seeks to publicize retractions of research papers.
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23 hours ago by inspiral
Apple Watch hits cellular snag in China • WSJ
Yang Jie and Yoko Kubota:
<p>For the first time, the Apple Watch can have an independent cellular connection, allowing people to use it to make voice calls, send and receive text and data even if the watch isn’t wirelessly connected to an iPhone.

But in China, the feature was abruptly cut off for new subscribers, without explanation, after a brief availability with one telecom company.

Industry analysts say the suspension likely stemmed from Chinese government security concerns to do with tracking users of the device, which uses different technology than standard mobile phones.

China strictly regulates mobile phones and all three major telecom service providers are state-owned companies. To get a SIM—subscriber identity module—card to operate the phone, users must register under their real names with a network carrier.

The latest Apple Watch poses a challenge to the existing user identification system, industry analysts said. The watch contains a new and tiny version of the SIM card, called embedded SIM, or eSIM. The eSIM is embedded in the watch by Apple, not by carriers.

The benefit of a device carrying an eSIM is that, with software, users can choose a telecom operator and a communications plan. But in China, that new system raises the question of how carriers and regulators can track the device user’s identity.

“The eSIM (system) isn’t mature enough yet in China,” one analyst said. “The government still needs to figure out how they can control the eSIM.”</p>

Just in case anyone needed a riposte to some of the articles that have been running suggesting China is a wonderful place to be.
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yesterday by charlesarthur

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