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China has a special passport for its elites—like Huawei's detained executive — Quartz
- the smoking gun that connects Huawei to the government in the way that the company has always denied
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15 minutes ago by renaissancechambara
U.S. Will Ask Canada to Extradite Huawei Executive - The New York Times
The United States plans to formally request within a week that Canada extradite a top Huawei executive to stand trial for charges related to violating American sanctions on Iran.
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1 hour ago by noiseguy
Tencent, NetEase Shut Out Again in New Batch of Games OK’d by China – Variety
“Given the current speed of new game approval, the backlog of games waiting for licensing, and the government’s stricter control over game content, we estimate it could take two to three years before the Chinese games industry stabilizes,”
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1 hour ago by renaissancechambara
Business Insider: China reportedly made an app to show people if they're standing near someone in debt — a new part of its intrusive 'social credit' policy
A province in northern China developed an app to tell users whether they are within a 500-meter radius of someone in debt, state media said.
It's called a "map of deadbeat debtors," the China Daily state-run newspaper reported.
It hopes to get citizens to monitor the so-called debtors and report them to authorities if they seem "capable of paying their debts."
It's part of China's invasive "social credit" system, designed to judge a person's trustworthiness. People have already been punished by it.
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4 hours ago by lehmannro
Globe editorial: With Meng affair, China shows its true face to the world - The Globe and Mail
Janaury 22, 2019

Ms. Meng's arrest in December and China’s subsequent reaction need also to be understood in the context of the Chinese government’s ambitions in the wider world. In many ways, this is not about Canada, or not only about Canada. It’s about Beijing’s determination to tilt the international order in its favour. China’s decisions to [extract reprsials].....were intended as a harbinger of the future, and are being seen as such....The regime wants other countries to know that they will pay a price if they cross Beijing. The message received has been somewhat different: This is how Beijing will behave as its influence and power increase.

The lesson to be taken from the arrests of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, and from the death sentence given to Robert Schellenberg, is plain: Countries that defy Beijing may face reprisals, including having their citizens detained and maltreated.....China’s retaliatory moves against essentially random Canadians are a violation of international norms and law.....The Communist Party of China has officially banned “erroneous Western thought" – things such as the rule of law and the independence of the courts that are defining values in Canada, the United States and much of Europe....To increase its global influence, [China] has been aggressively investing in developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America in order to bring them into its orbit..... China’s detention of Mr. Kovrig and Mr. Spavor serves notice that it has abandoned all pretense of playing by any rules other than the ones set by the Communist Party.

If and when China dominates trade in a region, the rules for foreign investors in that sphere may bear little resemblance to those that Canada and its trading allies hold dear. Trade and other disputes could well be settled in an arbitrary fashion, with little recourse, and with the outcome always tilted toward Beijing.
authoritarianism  bullying  Canada  Canada-China_relations  China  editorials  extradition  fascism  hostage_diplomacy  Meng_Wanzhou  rule_of_law  Xi_Jinping  Chinese_Communist_Party  arbitrariness 
7 hours ago by jerryking
It is perhaps most problematic to equate Xi’s and Stalin’s basic intent. Stalin craved nothing but total domination. Xi must know that following a Stalinist Marxist path, a path that was such a colossal failure in the 20th century, will certainly fail in a global world of the 21st century. He wants China to succeed. Sun Yat-sen observed that China is but a sheet of loose sand;一盘散沙. If Xi’s true intent is to try bind it together more tightly to preserve the hard won achievements of th...
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10 hours ago by jayyy
Capturing the Eye-Popping Density of Hong Kong's Tower Blocks
Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with an overall density of an estimated 6,300 people per square kilometer. More than 7 million people live on about 1,108 square kilometers (427 square miles) of land, and 29.1% of the Hong Kong population lives in public rental housing estates.
To start off a 3.5-week trip and before heading to Southeast Asia, my friend Michael Sheffels and I stopped in Hong Kong for 4 days to see the area and explore the Kowloon side as well.
This was our last, longest and most urban stop before heading into the quiet country. For years I have seen amazing pictures and series of these public housing/apartment tower blocks being built and knew that they were something I wanted to see and document for myself. Rather than just creating stills from these, I went with the goal of taking abstract videos and displaying them more like art, showing off their true scale.
Please enjoy my short film above as well as a few of my favorite stills captured...
architecture  china  photography  video 
12 hours ago by rgl7194

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