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Inside China’s secret ‘magic weapon’ for worldwide influence
“In the beginning the Chinese government talked about culture — Peking opera, acrobatics — as soft power,” says Li Xiguang, a head of Tsinghua University’s International Center for Communication Studies. “When Xi Jinping came to power, he was totally different from previous leaders. He said China should have full self-confidence in our culture, development road, political system and theory.”
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Understanding China's Rise Under Xi Jinping by Kevin Rudd
The former Prime Minister of Australia and life-long sinologist weighs in on the future of Chinese politics under Xi Jinping.
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Understanding China’s Rise Under Xi Jinping -- By The Honourable Kevin Rudd
- probably one fo the best essays that I have read on China from a macro perspective
china  analysis 
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Production Expected To Begin Soon At New Rail Car Factory - WAMC
Since arriving in Springfield, CRRC has worked with local trade unions, the city’s vocational high school, area colleges, and the regional employment board to develop a skilled workforce for the factory.  The factory is purchasing goods and services from dozens of local suppliers
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A Malaysian Insta-City Becomes a Flash Point for Chinese Colonialism — and Capital Flight - The New York Times
A staff of 70 salespeople in bright yellow golf shirts greets prospective customers, and their sales pitches highlight many reasons Chinese are looking to invest abroad: a clean environment (none of China’s pollution here); a Western education (a Minnesota boarding school will open a Forest City branch this fall); a hedge against an uncertain future (Malaysia offers long-term visas as well as a path toward citizenship). There’s also the comfort of high-level security — retinal scans and facial-recognition cameras — for a population conditioned to think of Big Brother as benign. Nepali guards patrol Forest City around the clock — in part, one salesman said, because Chinese clients might not feel comfortable interacting with local Muslims.

Shattuck St. Mary's - Forest City!
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RT : Now China’s Internet Giants Are Shaking Up the Car Industry

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RT : Now China’s Internet Giants Are Shaking Up the Car Industry

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Decades of optimism about China’s rise have been discarded - How the West got China wrong
Clear thinking and a united front are needed, but they may not be forthcoming
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