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Chinese Premier rejects economic stimulus option as latest data shows more weakness | South China Morning Post

The Chinese government has no plans to resort to a “massive stimulus” similar to that of 2008 as a way to manage its slowing economy amid the trade war with the United States, Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday.

Instead, Beijing will focus its policies on “energising the market, in particular market entities” and creating “fair and equal regulations” to maintain momentum in the world’s second biggest economy, Li said in a speech before attending the annual summit of the Association for Southeast Asian Nations in Singapore.
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2 hours ago by jayyy
Chinese Banks: We’ll Never Grow Up, Not Us - WSJ

State media walked back the tough talk Monday, declaring this won’t be a “hard” target. But the sharp market reaction shows how difficult it will be to push banks to adjust their ways—even though channeling more credit to China’s private sector, where returns on capital are much higher than those of lumbering state-owned enterprises, or SOEs, is crucial to reviving Chinese growth.
china  banks  industry 
5 hours ago by jayyy
Rancher Labs Ropes Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei Support Into Containe
> “The market has really heated up this year, and clearly that is what’s driving the acquisitions,” Williams said. “I’ve had a half-dozen customers tell me in the last month they see containerization and Kubernetes as the single most strategic project/platform in their company, and the future of their cloud strategy. It is certainly not surprising that companies are acquiring teams with strong container knowledge.”

> Williams understandably passed on offering any insight into Rancher Labs’ own future. But he did note that Rancher Labs alone added 27 new customers during the third quarter, with nearly all part of the Fortune 500.
rancher  kubernetes  china  momentum  containers 
6 hours ago by cote
Illegal 'Whale Jail' Has Been Spotted in Russia, Lifting The Lid on a Massive Animal Exploitation Industry

Over 100 captured whales are being held in small, crowded enclosures in a so-called 'whale jail' off the coast of Russia, where they await suspected sale to Chinese theme parks, according to local media reports.
russia  china  environment  whales  corruption  animal.exploitation  crime  oceans 
8 hours ago by po
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9 hours ago by keigab
China Censorship Moves From Politics To Economics

Topics such as consumers cutting back on spending, local governments struggling with debt repayments, lay-offs by bankrupt private companies and inefficiency at state-owned companies are increasingly off-limits, according to media staff.
china  economy  media  LH 
10 hours ago by jayyy
China’s Xi Jinping Revives Maoist Call For ‘self-reliance’

Even as Mr Xi has sought to position China as a champion of globalisation amid the US retreat into protectionism, the call for “self-reliance” highlights how Mr Xi is also advocating mercantilist policies that could reshape global supply chains.
china  policy  international 
10 hours ago by jayyy
Pence: It’s up to China to avoid a cold war

If China wants to avoid an all-out cold war with the United States and its partners, it must fundamentally change its behavior, according to Vice President Pence. The United States, he assured me, won’t back down.

As Pence arrived Tuesday in Singapore to represent the United States at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, the question on the minds of all the region’s leaders is whether Washington and Beijing are headed into a protracted, long-term economic and strategic confrontation. Pence and Xi will both attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders summit in Papua New Guinea later this week, but they won’t meet. Xi is set to meet Trump in Buenos Aires at the upcoming Group of 20 meeting, which starts on Nov. 30.

Pence told me in an interview that Trump is leaving the door open for a deal with Xi in Argentina, but only if Beijing is willing to make massive changes that the United States is demanding in its economic, military and political activities. The vice president said this is China’s best (if not last) chance to avoid a cold-war scenario with the United States.
china  usa  politics 
11 hours ago by jayyy
Google goes down after major BGP mishap routes traffic through China
"Google lost control of several million of its IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday in an event that intermittently made its search and other services unavailable to many users and also caused problems for Spotify and other Google cloud customers. While Google said it had no reason to believe the mishap was a malicious hijacking attempt, the leak appeared suspicious to many, in part because it misdirected traffic to China Telecom, the Chinese government-owned provider that was recently caught improperly routing traffic belonging to a raft of Western carriers though mainland China...Unlike the previously reported 30-month event that routed Internet traffic on a roundabout path through China, traffic in Monday’s incident involving Google never arrived at its intended destination. Instead, as the following traceroute shows, the traffic terminated at an edge router inside China Telecom. The dropped traffic further supported the narrative that the routing event was a mistake. BGP hijackings are more effective when they go undetected by end users instead of causing an obvious outage. Still, there was no doubt that even if the mishap was inadvertent, it amounted to a major disruption."
otf  china  bgp  asia  routing  google 
15 hours ago by dmcdev
China Real Estate May Face ‘Year of Recession’ - Caixin Global

The fundamentals of China’s real estate market will face “a year of recession” in 2019, China International Capital Corp. (CICC) said Monday in a research report. Sales, investments and new construction starts will decline significantly next year, according to researchers at the largest state-backed investment bank in China. In response, the government should alter policies that were put in place to cool the market, the researchers said.
LH  china  realestate  economy 
19 hours ago by jayyy
China LCD manufacturer|E-Paper Display|e-ink module| Good Display
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