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CofE teaching used as evidence against Christian in court | Christian Concern
A member of the tribunal, asking for a clarification on the Christian view of gender, asked Dr Mackereth about the position of the Church of England as shown in the evidence presented. Dr Mackereth had to explain that he does not agree with the position of the Church of England and that he is not a member of it. He said that the position of the Church of England was evidence that cultural Marxism had entered the Church. He said that the nature of man, as described in Genesis 1, was foundational to the gospel; fundamental to his Christian belief and as fundamental to him as the air that he breathed. He argued that the majority of the faithful in the Church of England would agree with him, over against the Bishops.

If he had been a member of the Church of England this would have seriously weakened his position. The muddled position of the established Church on this issue fundamentally weakens the witness of Christians who want to speak and witness to the foundations of Christian truth. And yet we do not despair. Though no bishops will speak, though the established Church flounders in this, as on many other orthodox matters of faith, Dr David Mackereth does speak. A brave man, unprepared for the media onslaught, untrained both for appearances in the media or the English courts, he stands for Christ exemplifying I Cor 1:27:
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The Church of England is no longer fit for purpose | Coffee House
Imagine if, instead of decrying payday lenders and indicting Amazon, Welby zealously advocated for, to quote his predecessor Thomas Cranmer’s original 1549 Book of Common Prayer, “maintenaunce of Goddes true religion and virtue.”

Yet the thought of Welby – or any other senior bishop in the Church of England – confidently proclaiming that salvation comes not through works or even belief in other, non-Christians faiths, but by Christ, with Christ and through Christ, is virtually unthinkable in today’s politically-correct church.

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yesterday by seatrout
Tim Rush - Awkward Moments in the Bible - Lesson 3 - The Story of Ananias and Sapphira
Memorial Drive Church of Christ
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Acts 4:32, 5:1-11; Ephesians 3:10-11; Luke 19:1-10, 24:13-35, 5:27-32; Matthew 9:12-13
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U.S. House Chaplain Pat Conroy prays to ‘cast out all spirit of darkness’ from the chamber - The Washington Post
While orthodox versions of many faiths characterize the world as a battlefield of good and evil, such language of spiritual warfare is becoming more common and appearing in unexpected places — such as at the recent debate of Democratic presidential candidates — as more Americans perceive that the country is in a moral as well as political crisis, conjuring ideas of good and evil.

“Right now, if people listen to Conroy, they don’t dismiss him as a crank. They’re like: ‘Maybe he’s getting something right,’ ” said Massimo Faggioli, a theology professor and church historian at Villanova University. “That’s the difference. Twenty or 10 or five years ago, people would say: ‘Oh, he just had a bad day.’ ”

During the Democratic debate, candidate and self-help writer Marianne Williamson painted a picture of angelic and demonic wizards dueling in a spiritual realm.

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The Crystal Cathedral was a monument to televangelism. It’s about to become a Catholic church. - The Washington Post
Touted as the largest glass building in the world when it opened in 1980, the megachurch was purchased by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in 2012, thanks to a messy bankruptcy. The diocese renamed it Christ Cathedral and, in fact, acquired the whole architecturally significant campus, including buildings by Richard Neutra and Richard Meier.

It’s not every day that the Roman Catholic Church occupies a New Age monument, and the unorthodox pairing provokes certain questions. Could the glitzy building, countercultural in its way, be a fitting home for a faith rooted in tradition? Is Schuller’s house of “Possibility Thinking” an apt home for the Sorrowful Mysteries? (The former is the name the late televangelist gave for his affirming worldview, and the latter is a group of Catholic meditations on suffering.)

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yesterday by seatrout
What Lies Beyond Capitalism?
The ultimate horizon of that “beyond,” to be honest, is not difficult to imagine. It is more or less the same thing that all sane rational wills long for, almost as a kind of transcendental: history’s sabbath, blissful anarchy, pure communism, a human and terrestrial reality where acquisitive desire can find nothing to fasten upon because nothing is withheld, and nothing delightful or useful is out of reach, and all things are shared by a community of rational love. Even the blithering neo-liberal naïf who believes in supply-side economics is, unbeknownst to himself, an anarcho-communist in his profoundest transcendental intentions; somewhere deep within him a little Pyotr Kropotkin sleeps and dreams of a world purged of greed and violence. Everyone longs for the terrestrial paradise, for Eden as the end of the story rather than as its irrecoverable beginning.

But Eden is not the dialectical issue of history, the final fruit of an occult rationality working itself out in and through the apparent contradictions of finitude. It is beyond in every sense. It inhabits time only as an eschatological judgment upon the present, a constant anamnesis of the good order of creation that we have always already betrayed. We know it principally as condemnation, and only secondarily as a sustaining hope. And how to translate that judgment into an agency immanent to history, one sufficiently powerful to disrupt the rule of capital before nothing remains to be saved, is the great question of all political thought of any real substance in the modern world.
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Evangelical Christians Face a Deepening Crisis - The Atlantic
Support for Trump comes at a high cost for Christian witness.
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China is targeting not just but also and , because “in the Communist Party’s eyes, re…
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The Holy Bible, English Standard Version
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The American Dark Money Behind Europe’s Far Right | by Mary Fitzgerald | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
Holding up a rosary, kissing a crucifix, and thanking the “Immaculate Heart of Mary,” he proclaimed it time to “save” Europe’s “Judeo-Christian roots.” In Hungary, his ally Orbán—self-styled champion of illiberal democracy—hailed “a new era in European politics.”
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Kirkers Read - Christ Church
Bible Reading Challenge from Christ Church Moscow, Idaho
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Humble Beast
Christian record label espousing free music. Specializes in rap, hip hop, and other forms. Runs a coffee roaster and café. Nonprofit ministry which also conducts annual CANVAS conference.
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