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"A home without books is a body without soul"

Cicero  literacy  from twitter_favs
yesterday by tolkien
"A home without books is a body without soul"

Cicero  literacy  from twitter_favs
may 2019 by tolkien
FACT CHECK: Cicero's 'Two Thousand Year Old Warning' About Treason
Although these words are now widely attributed to Cicero, in fact they originated in the 20th century, with novelist Taylor Caldwell’s 1965 book A Pillar of Iron. Even though that work often drew directly from the recorded speeches and letters of Cicero for its dialogue, it was nonetheless a work of fiction, and the warning from Cicero about “treason from within” was an invention of Caldwell’s and not a reproduction of Cicero’s own words.
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august 2018 by bwiese
Meet the Trump of Ancient Rome, a Populist Demagogue Who Helped Bring Down the Republic | HuffPost
Populism has a long and colorful history in American politics, from Huey Long on the left and George Wallace on the right, to -- more recently -- Ross Pe...
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february 2018 by floehopper
RT : In honour of 's birthday in 106 BC, I am revisiting Petrarch's discovery of his letters to Atticus, bec…
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january 2018 by bokane
Patrick Collinson - John Foxe as Historian | The Acts and Monuments Online
John Foxe as Historian
by Patrick Collinson
John Foxe disowned the title of 'martyrologist', the label most often attached to his name, almost to the extent that for English writers and readers of history it belongs to nobody else. Foxe wanted to be known as a 'story teller', which is to say, an historian. (How we distinguish between story tellers and historians, and even whether we should make such a distinction, are questions to which we shall have to return.) What was 'history' for those who inhabited the sixteenth century?
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september 2017 by dunnettreader
"Advice is judged by results, not by intentions."

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february 2017 by mandigital
Commonplaces and argumentation in Cicero and Quintilian | SpringerLink
Despite the contemporary revival of interest in topical invention among rhetoricians and informal logicians, the ‘commonplaces’ (loci communes) of classical rhetoric have received little attention. When considered at all, they are typically dismissed as sterile or mechanistic substitutes for genuine argumentative invention. A fresh examination of the texts of Cicero and Quintilian, however, suggests that these authors believe that the commonplaces have an important heuristic function, and an effort to understand this function is a matter of interest to contemporary students of argumentation.
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february 2017 by craniac

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