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Publish or Perish
Desktop app that "retrieves and analyzes academic citations using Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search"
digischol  hIndex  citations  citationManager  bibliometrics  altmetrics 
april 2016 by psychemedia
HKS Zotero Guide
(Very detailed) research guide for using Zotero, from HKS library
libraries  Harvard  HKS  citationManager  Zotero 
november 2013 by kmastell
Mendeley’s one-click web importer | Mendeley Blog
Mendeley’s one-click web importer enables you to add references (and their PDF documents) to your Mendeley reference library from within your favorite browser. All you need to do is add the web bookmarklet to your browser bar and you will be able to easily add documents to your library from a growing selection of websites like PubMed, IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar, CAT.INIST or PLoS, just to name a few.
Mendeley  citationManager  tools  academia  writing  databases 
september 2012 by kmastell
synapsen – zettelkasten
"Synapsen is a hypertextual card index or reference organizer, especially designed for BibTeX, and offering support for the requirements of BibLaTeX.

The Software is written in JAVA, and runs on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix).

The software features automatic or individual connections between cards; direct search and download from public bibliographic sources; fully compliant BibTeX output for LaTeX; support for word processors via RTF output; Unicode support; support for SQL database to secure future accessibility of data."
citationManager  BibTeX  LaTeX  bibliographies 
july 2012 by kmastell
iCyte - Home
"highlight and save text on any webpage, allowing you to recall the most relevant information. You can save sections of webpages or the whole thing. Webpages you Cyte are saved on our server, letting you return to your research even if the webpage has been deleted or modified. Invite colleagues and friends to join your projects, discover new research, and share information. Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7 or 8 are required to save webpage content using iCyte. You can still access with other browsers."
citationManager  tools  webArchiving 
december 2009 by kmastell
RefWorks Mobile
(requires Group Code, but otherwise looks pretty snappy)
libraries  tools  RefWorks  citationManager  mobile 
april 2009 by kmastell

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