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C40 - cities around the world which are setting goals, creating plans and acting re. climate change
To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and avoid catastrophic climate change we need to act faster and with more urgency than ever before. Fortunately, mayors of the world’s leading cities have emerged as strong and inspiring champions of the kind of ambitious climate action the world needs. Cities know what needs to be done to limit global heating to 1.5° Celsius, and they know that achieving this climate-safe future is only possible if we act now and in collaboration with other levels of government, businesses, civil society and citizens.
cities  climatechange  programmes  climate  pman7004 
7 hours ago by spencertree
The 10 best places to live in the U.S. in 2020 - Curbed
We dug deep into different criteria—like jobs, housing costs, and walkability—to find the 10 best cities to live in right now.
Travel  housing  cities 
21 hours ago by masonc789
Central Europe mayors join in direct EU funds plea
The leaders of Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw, who banded together in December, are presenting themselves as new allies of EU integration in countries where illiberal and populist governments have locked horns with EU institutions over the bloc's values and rule of law.

The mayors are seeking help from the EU Commission to make sure their national governments commit 10 percent of EU cohesion subsidies to cities in the new EU budget - and allocate it without political bias.

The city leaders' push comes as talks on the next seven-year budget are under way among deeply-divided member states. with a special summit scheduled for next week.

The mayors are also lobbying the EU executive to get direct access to EU funding under the Green Deal.

In a letter to commission president Ursula von Der Leyen - signed by the four mayors and leaders of 11 other European cities, including Berlin, Vienna and the Hague - the mayors argue that "cities led by elected leaders now represent two-thirds of Europe's population, and are responsible for the bulk of its climate mitigation and adaptation efforts".

"The fight against climate change will be won or lost in cities," they add.
green_deal  budget  cities  regions  multilevel_governance 
yesterday by henningninneh
The 'White Elephant World' Of Funding Sports Stadiums Is Burying Cities In Debt (Bisnow, 2/13/2020)
Many cities have high hopes when they fund and operate sports stadiums, but reality frequently hits when the revenues can't match the amount of debt incurred.
stadiums  stadium  whiteelephant  cities  towns  sports  events 
yesterday by davidkoren
How America's shrinking cities can 'rightsize' (The Guardian, 2/13/2020)
At least 80 US cities are shrinking in population but some have found strategies to still improve the quality of life for those who stayed
shrinkingcities  youngstown  newbedford  baltimore  cities  shrinking 
3 days ago by davidkoren
Cooking Sections and AKII create zero-water garden in Sharjah (Dezeen, 2/14/2020)
Cooking Sections and AKII have created an experimental landscape in Sharjah to show how desert plants can survive in cities without being watered.
sharjah  landscape  garden  zerowater  cities  desert  uae 
4 days ago by davidkoren
Celebrating five years of Mini-Holland in Waltham Forest | Waltham Forest Council
..has delivered: 22km of segregated cycle lanes/ 40 modal filters to prevent local streets being used by motorists rat runs, as well as two part-time motor vehicle closures in local shopping parades/
Improved 100 junctions/ Planted more than 700 trees/ Installed almost 300 bikehangars/ Created seven station cycle hubs providing 477 secure parking spaces/ Built 15 pocket parks
cities  WalthamForest  mini-Holland  green-space  trees 
4 days ago by spencertree
Green space, mental wellbeing and sustainable communities - Public health matters
'We’ve known for some time that good quality natural landscape in urban areas can affect how people feel. It reduces stress and sadness, lifts the mood and makes us feel better.
>The benefits of these green and blues space, and the mechanisms by which they work, are varied.
>Some are the physical benefits from green infrastructure, for example improved air quality, less noise pollution and reduced risks from flooding or heat-waves.
>There are also benefits to active users of these spaces, whether that’s physical recreation or through children interacting with nature.'
green-space  cities  health  wellbeing  nature  landscape 
4 days ago by spencertree
L.A. wins appeal in fight with Uber over scooter and bike data - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles officials were right to suspend Uber’s permit to rent out scooters and electric bicycles in the city because the company refused to share real-time data on its riders’ trips, a hearing officer found Tuesday.

cities  uber  transport-data  data-access 
5 days ago by jackhardinges

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