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Jane Jacobs’s Song | The New Yorker
In this week’s issue, Nicholas Lemann reviews a number of recent books about cities and urban planning. In his piece, he touches on the way that some of …
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The Empty Storefronts of New York: A Panoramic View - The New York Times
New York City’s streetscape has been transformed — visually and economically — by the staggering numbers of vacant storefronts now dotting its most popular retail corridors.
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Soofa Sign is the world’s first outdoor 42” electronic paper display for downtowns, neighborhoods, parks, and campuses.

Soofa Sign’s electronic paper display runs on solar power, which means no wires and no emissions
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4 days ago by kylejohnston
City as Soul May 13, 2016 Ronald Schenk, Ph.D., LCSW, IAAP, The notion of anima mundi, which Jung borrowed from alchemy, posits a life force belonging to the world itself. Expanding this notion, we would say every place, thing, event, and relational grouping has its own life apart from human involvement. Cities themselves, then, would be seen as each ensouled in a particular way. This lecture explores the life of the “city in itself,” examining how cities carry life and death, sickness and health, memory and future vision for the collective psyche.
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