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The Crew want to move to Austin – but does Austin want the Crew? | Football | The Guardian
“There is one side of the tracks and the other. It’s a history, and it’s a constructed history of systemic racism all over the country. And here we have our own version in just the fact that we have an east Austin,” said Daniel Llanes, an artist and activist, after the council meeting.

Llanes noted that the Butler proposal was quickly abandoned but the Guerrero Park idea is being taken seriously. “I’m not against the soccer stadium and all of the economic benefits that it would bring. What I don’t want is to locate it in Guerrero Park and I especially don’t want it if they’re protecting west Austin and they’re not protecting east Austin,” he said.

“The stadium would be a blight to a park that everybody around it worked so hard to create,” he added. “I’m a Chicano so my heritage is Native American, it’s earth, you know? So I go: why is it that white people cannot leave a space alone? They cannot leave a big open space with wildlife and trees and water and nature. They can’t just leave it alone, they want to pave it over.”
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Alfred Workflow: TimeZones (a customizable World Clock) [updated to v1.7a]
Alfred Workflow: TimeZones (a customizable World Clock) [updated to v1.7a] Here’s an Alfred workflow which will display a customised world clock in Alfred’s results. (More on Alfred) Download the...
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Kitsune Kowai GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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