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Brčko - Wikipedia
Brčko (Cyrillic: Брчко, pronounced [br̩̂tʃkoː]) is a town and the administrative seat of Brčko District. Located in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina, it lies on the banks of Sava river across from Croatia. As of 2013, it has a population of 83,516 inhabitants.

It is the only existent entirely self-governing free city in Europe.[2]
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Analytics in City Government | Data-Smart City Solutions
From remediating blight to optimizing restaurant inspections and pest control, cities across the country are using analytics to help improve municipal policy and performance. The continued adoption of analytics in city governments shows no sign of slowing, and as even more sophisticated tools such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are deployed, there is a critical need for research on how these practices are reshaping urban policy.
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Silencity – The Truth About Noise
Noise pollution is not just a quality of life issue, it’s a health issue. This site is dedicated to examining sound, noise, and the impact of noise pollution on health and well being.
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Asakusa  Tokyo  city  street  chaos 
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