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"PlannerU exists to expand and grow the skill set of Account Planners by making a comprehensive education in brand planning a realistic possibility for more students and giving voice to fresh perspectives in strategic thinking."
education  classes  strategy  planning  tutorial  howto 
2 days ago by eugenexxv
RDS — Boto 3 Docs 1.7.50 documentation

waiter = rds_client.get_waiter('db_instance_available')

boto3  aws  python  python2.7  library  module  documentation  guide  reference  rds  service  waiter  wait  classes 
6 days ago by racl101
Royal School of Needlework
Enrol now for our distance learning programme, bringing our expertise in hand embroidery directly to you.
crafts  classes 
8 days ago by fairyrevel
Classes (ES6) Sample
Sample illustrating the use of Classes (ES6).
devel  classes  es6  javascript  js 
9 days ago by tombensve
How a car works
Classes, lessons mechanical, auto.
classes  lessons  course  mechanics  auto 
25 days ago by pichler
Navigator Suite - Catalog - View Catalog
description of the class I will be teaching summer 2018
mctc  teaching  classes 
26 days ago by pfhyper

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