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Easily and securely share files from the command line. A fully featured Firefox Send client.
cli  filesharing 
4 hours ago by adamvig
tubekit - kubectl alternative with quick context switching, kubectl on steroids
Helps you to operate Kubernetes clusters more effectively by reducing time spent on everyday routines.
Kubernetes  CLI  tools  opensource 
19 hours ago by liqweed
Data Science at the Command Line
This hands-on guide demonstrates how the flexibility of the command line can help you become a more efficient and productive data scientist. You’ll learn how to combine small, yet powerful, command-line tools to quickly obtain, scrub, explore, and model your data.
datascience  data  commandline  cli  python  book  shell 
22 hours ago by cothrun
PowerPanel® Personal Linux Software | Free Download - CyberPower
PowerPanel® Personal for Linux is a simple command line Linux daemon to control a UPS system attached to a Linux-based computer. It provides all the functionality of PowerPanel® software, including automatic shutdown, UPS monitoring, alert notifications, and more. PowerPanel Personal for Linux is compatible with most build of Linux.
linux  ups  cyberpower  tools  cli 
yesterday by po
VisiData is an open source powertool for exploring and manipulating data. It combines the clarity of a spreadsheet, the efficiency of the terminal, and the power of Python, into a lightweight utility which can handle millions of rows with ease.
cli  data  terminal  python  csv  xls  sqlite  tool  utility 
yesterday by brunns
matt-harvey/tabulo: Enumerable terminal table for Ruby
Tabulo is a Ruby library for generating ASCII tables.
ascii  ruby  cli  terminal  table 
yesterday by pioneerskies
A command-line installer for Windows
scoop  cli  installer  windows  tool 
yesterday by vicchow

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