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castty - A CLI tool to create screencasts of your terminal, for the web
CasTTY is a program similar to ttyrec and asciinema that makes it easy to create audio-enabled, terminal-based screencasts for publication on webpages. It was originally a fork of ttyrec, but has since effectively been rewritten from scratch.

There may be bugs. Feel free to contribute patches or file an issue!

You probably want to see what you get after you use this.
commandline  terminal  cli  documentation 
57 minutes ago by dusko
asciinema - Terminal session recorder
Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.
Forget screen recording apps and blurry video. Enjoy a lightweight, purely text-based approach to terminal recording.
terminal  shell  cli  documentation 
1 hour ago by dusko
Ghost in the Shell – Part 3
Time to bring some life into the Ghost in the Shell series with Part 3 article. You may want to check earlier articles in the series. Ghost in the Shell - Part 1 Ghost in the Shell - Part 2 Ghost in the Shell - Part 3 (this one) Query Functions I haven't found better…
yesterday by nfultz
How can I sleep the display from Terminal? - Ask Different
Sleeping & Waking MacOS via command line (Display too).
MacOS  cli 
yesterday by hagure
shenwei356/csvtk: A cross-platform, efficient and practical CSV/TSV toolkit in Golang
csvtk is convenient for rapid data investigation and also easy to be integrated into analysis pipelines. It could save you much time of writing Python/R scripts.
csv  eines  tools  CLI  text 
yesterday by jaumeb
Browsh is a fully-modern text-based browser. It renders anything that a modern browser can; HTML5, CSS3, JS, video and even WebGL. Its main purpose is to be run on a remote server and accessed via SSH/Mosh or the in-browser HTML service in order to significantly reduce bandwidth and thus both increase browsing speeds and decrease bandwidth costs.
cli  terminal  text  web  browser 
yesterday by segfault

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