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Your Pretty Face is Going to Sell : Open Space
This is a very good commentary on this thing I've seen. When I'm looking at videos, I am pretty sure I don't want to see that ones that look like this.
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9 days ago by jcretan
Your pretty face is going to sell • Open Space at SF MOMA
Joe Veix on the peculiar phenomenon of "YouTube Face" (YTF) - the strange, overplayed expressions that you see people adopting on videos in order to make arresting preview frames for the time when they're in the "up next" lineup and want to be chosen, oh please choose me, for the next click:
<p>Getting attention on social media platforms requires creating content designed to perform well within their ecosystems. Everything must contort to please the almighty Algorithmic Gods. It requires some guesswork, as these algorithms exist at such an ever-increasing scale and complexity that even their creators don’t — can’t — understand them. The Algorithm Gods work in mysterious ways.

This has odd and often unexpected effects on the physical world. Restaurants attempt to create Instagram-friendly environments with nauseatingly kitschy interior designs. Hamburger buns are glazed to make them more aesthetically appealing. Extremist political campaigns are won partially on the strength of their shitposting. Perhaps the emergence of YTF hints at one of the many ways these algorithmic forces might begin to shape our physical appearances.

We’re also witnessing tactics common to the advertising industry, especially those of late-night infomercials, being utilized autonomously by individuals. People simulate the behavior of corporate brands, while corporate brands simulate people, hiring teams of flacks to help make something like, I don’t know, fracking seem “authentic” and “cool.”

So begins the Great Brand Singularity. Corporations, humans, and machines merging in a banal orgy of commerce. The tech is currently primitive, but it’s easy to imagine scrolling through some future feed and seeing the faces of long-deceased relatives digitally grafted onto advertisements for #FappuccinoHappyHour; close friends suddenly revealed to be replicants working for foam mattress startups; augmented reality Pillsbury Doughboys stalking us on late night walks home, their soft footsteps squishing confidently along.</p>

Or as he also says, "YouTube Face is clickbait made human".
advertising  youtube  culture  clickbait 
14 days ago by charlesarthur
Saved You A Click on Twitter: "Kim and Kanye named her Chicago West… "
Wissen, ohne zu klicken. #spoilers galore und #ClickBait #gespoilert.

— Hans Dorsch (@hansdorsch) January 28, 2018
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12 weeks ago by hansdorsch
How to tell if you accidentally end up in a classic Doctor Who episode | Exilian
"You have been accused of treason and spying. You have been on the planet for five minutes and are not yet sure who you might have been committing it against."

Hurr hurr quarries corridors hurr hurr wobbly sets hurr
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12 weeks ago by gominokouhai

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