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How Did the Climate Apocalypse Become Old News?
self-censorship than ratings-chasing... in fear of right-wing backlash...But public apathy, and its cousin climate complacency, is as big a problem — perhaps bigger.
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8 weeks ago by jomc
Nobody knows what’s inside the newly found massive Egyptian sarcophagus | The Verge
26 Reasons For And Against Opening The Ominous Ancient Black Sarcopahgus. It took about four hours for this fascinating titbit of archaeological news to be turned into a listicle, which is a modern-day curse the Pharaohs could never have imagined. Contains more references to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK than you're likely to find in the Journal of Archaeological Science, but one can always hold out hope.
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10 weeks ago by gominokouhai
RT : There.

Clickbait  from twitter
may 2018 by gaelicWizard
Here are the Russian-made Facebook ads that tried to shake American politics
„On Thursday morning, the House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence <a href="">released a vast trove</a> of thousands of Russian-bought Facebook and Instagram ads designed to sow doubt among the American population in the run-up to the November 2016 presidential election.“
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may 2018 by walt74
Cory Doctorow: The Engagement-Maximization Presidency
<a href="">Good one from Cory:</a>
Tying commercial success and programmers’ pay, bonuses, and career progression to “engagement” has created an entire arsenal for capturing and directing attention without regard to the effect of these techniques on the user’s subjective experience of the product. A company that needs you to be engaged with its product is not necessarily concerned with whether you enjoy that engagement: if you visit Google to look up a cookie recipe, get directed to a news-cycle about impending nuclear armageddon and spend the afternoon terrifying yourself and never bake the cookies, that is a suc­cess for Google, even if you go to bed hungry and anxious at the end of it.

Tying human attention to financial success means that the better you are at capturing attention – even negative attention – the more you can do in the world. It means that you will have more surplus capital to reinvest in attention-capturing techniques. It’s a positive feedback loop with no damp­ening mechanism, and, as every engineer knows, that’s a recipe for disaster. Machines that have a system for speeding up and no system for slowing down eventually tear themselves apart and explode. […]

Since Trump’s audiences are extreme, and since they like things that outrage others, Trump’s statements make for excellent clickbait: it’s nearly impossible to hear one of the pronouncements that emerges from this evo­lutionary process whose selective pressure is cheers from bigots without repeating it, “Did the President just say _______?” […] Trump and ad-tech co-evolved without ever colluding: he is the engagement-maximization president.
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may 2018 by walt74
Why Is The Media Lying About Jordan Peterson?

When <a href="">Contrapoints</a>, a well known and beloved but still rather obscure and DIY-ish Youtube-Producer is able to produce the best left-intellectual critique of Jordan Peterson and the so-called-press produces nothing but clickbait and hot air, then media is in for a pretty rough ride. Time for another JP-Explainer, I guess.
Jordan Peterson, darling of the alt right. Apparently that's what the media lies would have you believe. But if you took 30 seconds to do a quick google search you'd realize this narrative is a lie. Because not only is Jordan Peterson not alt right but he is also at odds with the alt right and has spoken out against them.

So why is it then that the media is lying about Jordan Peterson?
Is it ideologically driven. Could it be an attempt to prevent people from hearing his arguments? Or maybe it is just due to laziness.
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may 2018 by walt74

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