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Talking in Circles - Film Comment
The result has been a greater-than-ever volume of material, being subjected to less scrutiny than ever before. (Did you know that fact-checker used to be a job? I’m serious! Watch Bright Lights, Big City!) The content-frenzy did at least provide new opportunities for the enterprising kiddie ’lancer—mastheads that might once have offered a lofty goal for a young writer to aspire to are now readily within reach. It has never been easier to gain the appearance of legitimacy as a writer, to stuff your CV with tony names that give off the gleam of accomplishment.... The chat industry favors art that supplies its own definitions and is produced with an eye to the media footprint it will make
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17 days ago by jomc
Zach Carter on Twitter: "What is happening to American journalism isn't a mystery. Google and Facebook are eating this industry alive and taking down American democracy with it."
What is happening to American journalism isn't a mystery. Google and Facebook are eating this industry alive and taking down American democracy with it.
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7 weeks ago by auerbach
"Bring home the bacon" debate is a case study in how stupid we've all become
Well said, that Carl Kinsella.
How are we supposed to focus on the things that matter when media organisations refuse to? Ivan Yates and Matt Cooper ran a segment on whether or not we've reached political correctness. Niall Boylan had a discussion about whether or not it's okay to ban phrases that nobody really wants to ban [as PETA has suggested].

As a matter of pure coincidence, other reports from outlets like the Daily Mail and Today FM reported that the HSE was going to ban its employees from using phrases like "love," "pet" or "dear." That wasn't true either. Again, it was one line in a huge report that asked the question as to whether or not it was the best course of action to use such terms. It wasn't mentioned again.

Unlike phrases about meat, this actually matters. This is the kind of thing that could actually change how people are treated in hospital. But again, it wasn't true. The public – which has lost its capacity to verify what is true and what is not — was being lied to by the media. That's how it works now.
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december 2018 by jm
A Business With No End - The New York Times
**This article is amazing and has all the things.

Olivet University was established in California in 2000 by an evangelical pastor named David Jang. His global religious community — often referred to, simply, as “the Community” — has been the subject of numerous articles that allege labor violations, fraud and abuse. That includes a 2014 Mother Jones story in which former religious followers of Mr. Jang said that the Community recruited them from China and brought them to the U.S. on student visas to study at Olivet University. In reality, the followers said, they spent most of their time working illegally, for very little pay, churning out clickbait for the International Business Times.
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november 2018 by twwoodward
I think I can take all of the nonsense the world throws at us, but to see the fall to the level of
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october 2018 by benpoole
How Did the Climate Apocalypse Become Old News?
self-censorship than ratings-chasing... in fear of right-wing backlash...But public apathy, and its cousin climate complacency, is as big a problem — perhaps bigger.
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july 2018 by jomc

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