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Best. OpEd. Title. Ever. Nice to see clever from time to time. This one is actually making me read the a…
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7 days ago by Vince
FAIL Blog -
The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.
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8 days ago by ggth
Oddities, Weird Stuff, Strange Things in Our World
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8 days ago by ggth
FML - Fuck My Life : Laugh life off by sharing your daily mishaps and embarrassments
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8 days ago by ggth
Dear Blank, Please Blank
All of the letters that warm your otherwise cold-heart.
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8 days ago by ggth
Slow Robot
The front page of
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8 days ago by ggth
I Waste So Much Money is a curated collection of items to waste your money on.
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8 days ago by ggth
I Waste So Much Time
IWSMT - The site that deprives you of productivity one minute at a time. Replacing productivity with entertainment since 2010.
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8 days ago by ggth
Witzig das sie sich und einsetzen, ausgerechnet um als „Freiheit“…
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29 days ago by springfeld
The ‘Vaulter’ Headlines on ‘Succession’ Are Works of Art
• “Meet the Guy Trying to Buy All of Bitcoin Using Some of Bitcoin”

• “These Old Photos of Soviet Dental Schools Are Peak Dystopia Porn”

• “Soylent Green Could Become a Delicious Reality”

• “This Ransomware Doesn’t Demand Money, It Wants You to Do Press-Ups”

• “Wait, Is Every Taylor Swift Lyric Secretly Marxist?”

• “This Tinder for Pedophiles App Sounds Like a Really Bad Idea”

• “Meet the World’s Richest People Trafficker (He’s a Surprisingly Nice Guy)”

• “5 Reasons Why Drinking Milk on the Toilet Is Kind of a Game-Changer”

• “Meet the Guys Who Want to Turn Justin Bieber Into a Viking Longship”

• “Someone Is Making Soap Shaped Like Jerry Seinfeld’s Face, Because White People”

Thank you, Vaulter, for your service. Your website might not have lasted forever, but your headlines are immortal.
clickbait  succession 
8 weeks ago by auerbach
Concrete clickbait: next time you share a spomenik photo, think about what it means
How have these places managed to transform from monuments to atrocity and resistance into concrete clickbait? The story told by Spomenik is that these strange structures must have just been dropped onto these rural areas, most likely by the Big Man, the dictator, Tito himself. According to Gal Kirn, who has written several articles on “partisan art” and whose book Partisan Ruptures was recently published in Slovenia, the opposite is true. “For these, let's call them modernist monuments, you would be surprised to see that the financing many times came as a combination of republican (Yugoslavia was heavily decentralised into its six constituent Republics) and regional funds, and also self-managed funding, meaning also that enterprises and factories contributed — while much less was given from the federal-state level.” There were competitions and “some public calls which had juries — but the existence of these progressive sculptural objects tells us that more conventional representations-resolutions were not favoured.” That is, in many cases these “UFOs” were commissioned, funded and chosen locally.
spomenik  Yugoslavia  sculpture  monuments  history  antifa  antifascism  clickbait  Owen-Hatherley  Jan-Kempenaers  2016 
june 2019 by zzkt
Aggregation, Clickbait and Their Effect on Perceptions of Journalistic Credibility and Quality: Journalism Practice: Vol 0, No 0
Many journalists and industry observers lament that aggregating news underneath sensational headlines will erode credibility and turn off readers. While some scholarly work has studied journalists’ perspectives of this practice, little has been done to understand what audiences think of aggregation and clickbait. This study uses published original and aggregated news articles as stimuli in two online experiments to test readers’ perceptions of news aggregation and clickbait. Aggregation itself has little effect on perceptions of credibility and quality; instead, writing proficiency is more closely linked to these perceptions. Results also suggest clickbait headlines may lower perceptions of credibility and quality.
aggregation  Research  clickbait  trust 
june 2019 by paulbradshaw
Top Trending - YouTube
The most random, yet interesting videos on the web!
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may 2019 by dicewitch
Disney says its more than $400 million Vice investment is now worthless - Vox
All of those companies have different stories and different particulars. The through-line is that a few years ago, all of them were confident that they were going to shoot up in value, because they knew how to reach young audiences by exploiting the big tech platforms — in particular, Facebook and Google.
content  fail  vice  clickbait  fakenews  advertising 
may 2019 by yorksranter
How Men Became "Emotional Gold Diggers" — Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden
Wow. I want to say "What horseshit!", but I suppose I should just say an incredibly one-sided and warped view of things. It does try to clarify "American Relationships", but goes on to pull in "British Studies" (without any context). I suppose actually by the end the article is going in the right direction it just does so in an incredibly clickbaity and incendiary way.

There are a few reasons why a partner (male or female) may lack friends:

- Controlling partner (which can actually be a women! The fucking horrors! In a woman & woman relationship or a woman and man relationship)
- Living "remotely" (in which case often both partners are screwed and rely on each other for friendship. The horrors! Imagine a couple supporting each other!)
- No fucking time. Be it too much paid work or looking after kids, animals, the house and outside, etc. But (the fucking horror!) at least you have each other
- No money for either of you to travel, etc to see friends
- Ill health of a partner, the other one is a carer (again: The horrors! Imagine a couple supporting each other)
- And so on.
clickbait  relationships  sexism  via:popular 
may 2019 by atomicules

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