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William Vollmann’s Brutal Book About Climate Change - The Atlantic
"Vollmann’s meager wish is for future readers to appreciate that they would have made the same mistakes we have. "
climate  book  climate-change  the.atlantic  sociology 
4 days ago by MarcK
curbelo on mitigating in CNN interview
Human beings are affecting the environment in an adverse way ... if we do not take care of our environment, it's going to hurt our economy
carbon-tax  climate-change  climate-policy  GOP 
5 days ago by yayitsrob
Alarming study reveals massive insect loss
This quote: "We need to fall in love with earth again, with all of its creatures, including humans, and even mosquitoes. By perpetuating that live-in-space fantasy, you're sealing the fate of peoples' hearts, crushing the precious seeds of hope and trust in earth's fragile life system, and in humans' potential to bond with earth sustainably."
things  nature  climate-change 
5 days ago by robknight
Bitcoin must die
If Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear. This is roughly equivalent to the output of ten coal-fired power plants, emitting 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year – which would cover one year’s worth of the carbon emission cuts required to limit temperature rises this century to 2C. It is not a solution by itself, but it would be a good year’s work. Bitcoin is made from ashes, and if ashes were legal tender, humanity would burn everything in sight and call it progress.
environment  bitcoin  ecology  future  earth  cryptocurrencies  pow  electricity  climate-change 
5 days ago by jm

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