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‘Entering Burn Area’: Yosemite After the Fire - The New York Times
America’s national parks are increasingly bearing the burden of climate change, as rising temperatures and new weather patterns create mega blazes. A report from the burn zone.
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yesterday by noiseguy
Climate Change and the Elections: Five Takeaways - The New York Times
The results of Tuesday’s elections could have a significant influence on how the United States deals with global warming in several ways.
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4 days ago by noiseguy
More Evidence Points to China as Source of Ozone-Depleting Gas - The New York Times
An environmental group says it has new evidence showing that China is behind the resurgence of a banned industrial gas that not only destroys the planet’s protective ozone layer but also contributes to global warming.
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8 days ago by noiseguy
UW professor contributes to UN climate report | KING 5
According to the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, limiting global warming to about 3°F would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society. This report was created by 91 of the world's leading climate scientists, including Kristie Ebi, UW professor of global health.
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11 days ago by uwnews
Opinion | We Have to Save the Planet. So I’m Donating $1 Billion. - The New York Times
I will give this sum over the next decade to help accelerate land and ocean conservation around the world.
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11 days ago by noiseguy
Glaciers in One of the World’s Largest Ice Fields Are Rapidly Shrinking - VICE
A 2018 report called the “State of the Mountains” details the effects of climate change on an iconic North American mountain range.
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11 days ago by noiseguy
Opinion | Best Way to Fight Climate Change? Put an Honest Price on Carbon - The New York Times
Washington State voters will decide next week whether to impose a fee on carbon emissions. We hope they do.
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13 days ago by noiseguy

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