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America Is Gonna Save the Democratic Establishment by Destroying It
“Actually, according to your precious polls, we’d very much like to hear that shit! You know what we don’t wanna hear? Some career Clinton whisperer telling us that we don’t actually want anything good. All you TV people and all you pundits and all you consultants are a political party of your own, and that massive disconnect grows clearer by the day. You need us more than we need you. So go ahead and gnash your teeth and clutch your pearls and yell at voters that they’re voting wrong.”

“This isn’t your world anymore. That’s why “OK boomer” is such an effective little burn: because it makes that point explicit. You think you know best. You don’t. You think those who inherited this world from you ought to be more grateful.”

“What you are witnessing, in real time, is a silenced majority slowly realizing they don’t have to eat shit anymore. The spell is breaking.”
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OkCupid data shows caring about climate can help you get laid • Gizmodo
Dharna Noor:
<p>OKCupid’s algorithm matches you with people who seem to share your interests and beliefs. And how you answer questions about climate change could have an effect on who you match with, even if you don’t have the denier filter on.

“Since your match percentage with someone shows how compatible you two are, if you are a climate change activist and they think climate change is fake news, your match percentage is going to decrease,” Michael Kaye, OKCupid’s Global Communication Manager, told Earther in an email. Since most people on the platform aren’t climate deniers, that means vocally caring about the climate crisis is helping people get laid.

On some level, it makes sense that people feel a sense of connection over shared interests. But it’s telling that climate change is becoming one of those things in addition to the standard walks on the beach and all that.

“In my experience, people are finding that it’s really difficult to have an intimate relationship unless there’s a really deep alignment on how we’re relating to the issue,” Renee Lertzman, a psychologist who specializes in the melancholic psychological responses to environmental crises, told Earther. “That doesn’t mean you have to feel exactly the same way or engage on exactly the same level, but what really matters is that how you feel about it is actually okay with your partner.”</p>
okcupid  climate  socialwarming 
yesterday by charlesarthur
Lauren Berlant | Department of English Language and Literature
‘State of Impasse’ — a moment where existing social imaginaries and practices no longer produce the outcomes they once did, but no new imaginaries or practices have yet been created.
speculative_design  climate  agency  futures 
yesterday by thornet
Anne Galloway | School of Design Innovation | Victoria University of Wellington
Anne Galloway’s work, who was simply asking “What if we deny that human beings are exceptional? What if we stop speaking and listening only to ourselves?
design  species  climate 
yesterday by thornet
“Unsustainable” digital technologies cannot deliver the Sustainable Development Goals | Tim Unwin's Blog
from UNESCO Chair in ICT4D at Royal Holloway, University of London, lots of good citations.
un  climate  references  SDGs 
yesterday by thornet
Tech Won’t Drill It - Tech Won't Drill It - Medium
“No to AI for Fossil Fuel Exploration and Development”
ai  climate  campaign  fossilfuel 
yesterday by thornet
GitHub - ProjectDrawdown/solutions: This is an in-progress rewrite of the Project Drawdown ( model engine. It is intended to be a replacement for the series of interconnected Excel spreadsheets currently used by the project to do
Project Drawdown is a very respected and influential research project for analyzing climate solutions. They are working to migrate their models from Excel (!) spreadsheets into Python so that more people can use them for research and advocacy.
This effort is underway on Github (GNU General Public License), and they are looking for contributors and advisers
climate  science  opensource  github  drawdown  solutions 
yesterday by thornet
Calling for a More-Than-Human Politics - Anab Jain - Medium
via Pocket - Calling for a More-Than-Human Politics - Added February 20, 2020 at 08:11AM
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2 days ago by thewavingcat
You want to reduce the carbon footprint of your food? Focus on what you eat, not whether your food is local - Our World in Data
‘Eating local’ is a recommendation you hear often – even from prominent sources, including the United Nations. While it might make sense intuitively – after all, transport does lead to emissions – it is one of the most misguided pieces of advice. Eating locally would only have a significant impact if transport was responsible for a large share of food’s final carbon footprint. For most foods, this is not the case. GHG emissions from transportation make up a very small amount of the emissions from food and what you eat is far more important than where your food traveled from.
food  data  climate  emissions 
2 days ago by markogara
Nudging out support for a carbon tax
A carbon tax is widely accepted as the most effective policy for curbing carbon emissions but is controversial because it imposes costs on consumers. An alternative, ‘nudge,’ approach promises smaller benefits but with much lower costs. However, nudges aimed at reducing carbon emissions could have a pernicious indirect effect if they offer the promise of a ‘quick fix’ and thereby undermine support for policies of greater impact. Across six experiments, including one conducted with individuals involved in policymaking, we show that introducing a green energy default nudge diminishes support for a carbon tax. We propose that nudges decrease support for substantive policies by providing false hope that problems can be tackled without imposing considerable costs. Consistent with this account, we show that by minimizing the perceived economic cost of the tax and disclosing the small impact of the nudge, eliminates crowding-out without diminishing support for the nudge.
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2 days ago by prakashk
RT : Bloomberg's record is not even the best of the billionaires running for the democratic nomination. That wo…
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