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Digital Signage Software | Try Ditto Free
Ditto makes it easy to connect with your audience at the right time and place with announcements, menus, wayfinding signs and more.
cloud  digitalsignage  cloudservice  digital-signage  appletv 
yesterday by ferdinandfuchs
Diagram as Code
Describe cloud system architecture in code to produce pretty diagrams
diagram  architecture  design  cloud 
yesterday by barryf
Nextcloud Security Scan
Check the security of your private Nextcloud server
nextcloud  scan  cloud  security 
yesterday by lenn4rd
Revised and much faster, run your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2!
"I’ve written about using EC2 as a gaming rig in the past. After spending some time and getting all sorts of feedback from many people, I’m re-writing the article from before, except with all the latest and greatest optimizations to really make things better."
aws  cloud  gaming 
yesterday by sometimesfood
Google Cuts Jobs at Cloud-Computing Group - WSJ
Not a headline you see every day.

Google Cuts Jobs at Cloud-Computing Group
cloud  GoogleCloud  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by ampressman
Plot Mapper
Paste a text into the box, and Plot Mapper will map it.

How it works:
The text is chopped into N chunks, and each "chapter" is plotted in a 2-dimensional space (connected by lines) along with the top X words in the text. You can see how the trajectory of the text moves through the space of words, emphasizing different themes at different stages of the work.

A bit more specifically, the text is chopped into N pieces, and each piece is treated as its own document. A word count matrix is created for this collection of "documents," and then my own implementation of the Nipals algorithm is used for a fast estimation of the principal components. Scores (for chunks) and loadings (for words) are standardarized so that the first two dimensions for both can be plotted on a single chart. The chunks are numbered and connected by lines.

Try it first with a familiar text.
data  cloud  diagram 
2 days ago by dusko
Tutorial on privilege escalation and post exploitation tactics in Google Cloud Platform environments | GitLab
This post does not outline any new vulnerabilities in Google Cloud Platform but outlines ways that an attacker who has already gained an unprivileged foothold on a cloud instance may perform reconnaissance, privilege escalation and eventually complete compromise of an environment.
cloud  gcp  pentest  redteam  privilegeescalation  privesc  pentesting 
2 days ago by whip_lash
How to Implement a Killer GTD System in Google Sheets
Recently, I stumbled into a most unlikely piece of software to implement my kind of GTD system: Google Sheets. And you know what? I really, really like it. Who would have thought a simple web-based spreadsheet program could run a totally rad implementation of GTD?
gtd  sheets  google  cloud  spreadsheet 
2 days ago by rpmuller

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