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Skype Interviews | The essential Skype app for recruiters
The essential Skype app for recruiters. Scheduling, shared canvas and notes - all in one tool.
code  collaboration  voip 
2 hours ago by rsgranne
ssl wiki
something to do with cryptography and encrypting all data transferred between the client and server
3 hours ago by harrisonmalone
Wired Elements Showcase
Common UI Elements with a sketchy hand-drawn look.
code  css  design  ui  webdev  wireframe  mockups 
9 hours ago by lenards
vim tutorial
looks like a nice tutorial, taught me how to do a range of things, deleting lines, going into insert mode
19 hours ago by harrisonmalone
Verifiable high speed NAT written in C
code  orthodoxy  networking  infrastructure 
23 hours ago by Qkn7Ua6K9289pPqt4689

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