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matching method (inspiration for art project)
algorithms  programming  inspiration  code 
9 hours ago by skiano
dgryski/go-simstore: simhash storage and searching
go-simstore: store and search through simhashes

This package is an implementation of section 3 of "Detecting Near-Duplicates for Web Crawling" by Manku, Jain, and Sarma,

simhash is a simple simhashing library.
simstore is the storage and searching logic
simd is a small daemon that wraps simstore and exposes a http /search endpoint
This code is licensed under the MIT license
simhash  golang  github  code  library 
yesterday by newtonapple
User Stories - YouTube
Mike Cohn talks user stories at the Norwegian Developers Conference June 6, 2012.
agile  MikeCohn  scrum  userstories  code  programming  prodmgmt 
yesterday by activescott
Proxmox - powerful open-source server solutions
Use this on the windows box for managing home linux VM's.
2 days ago by susodapop

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