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Variable Fonts | Compressa
This is a nice implementation of an interactive variable font. As you move across the text the font variations change, allowing you to control the look. There are other checkbox options to switch things on and off, go ahead and had a play!
newslettered  369  codepen 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
Old Typewriter Text Effect
This is a lovely looking effect, but I wouldn't apply it to an entire page of text as every. single. character. is wrapped in a span so it makes DOM super heavy. Great look though.
rwd269  codepen  typography 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
Animated SVG Avatar v2
Created a login form with an SVG avatar that responds to the input in the email field. Used the GSAP TweenMax library + GSAP's MorphSVG plugin for the ...
codepen  javascript  css  forms  animation  svg 
9 weeks ago by snahor

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