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J. Boye - Use Cases: The enemy of collaboration?
Today’s modern workplace offers a plethora of collaboration tools, as we shift away from face-to-face interactions and increasingly towards digital connections. But making these work has always been complicated by:
collaboration  digitalworkplace 
3 hours ago by fwhamm
The Three-Hour Brand Sprint – GV Library
GV’s Simple Recipe For Getting Started On Your Brand. The point of these exercises, it turns out, is to make the abstract idea of “our brand” into something concrete. After doing the exercises, the team gets a common language to describe what their company is about — and all subsequent squishy decisions about visuals, voice, and identity become way easier.
process  brand  branding  article  sprint  workshops  team  collaboration  exercises 
14 hours ago by eugenexxv
Deck of Brilliance
Idea generation tools for creative professionals.
deck  brainstorming  tools  framework  ideas  inspiration  team  collaboration  creativity 
14 hours ago by eugenexxv
Hyper Island Toolbox
A resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration and unleash potential in your team or organization.
tools  hyperisland  brainstorming  creativity  collaboration  team  resources  ideas 
14 hours ago by eugenexxv
"For distributed teams, using Boardthing is just like being in the same room with a whiteboard, markers, and sticky notes or index cards."
collaboration  design  tool  try 
15 hours ago by tremolo
How Envato’s agile UX team works
Envato's Head of UX and Design Chris Thelwell gives us an inside look at his team's process.
Envato's Head of UX and Design Chris Thelwell gives us an inside look at his team's process.
agile  scrum  team  collaboration  projectmanagement  lead 
20 hours ago by michaelfox
Improving your data publishing workflow with the Frictionless Data Field Guide – Open Knowledge International Blog
The Frictionless Data project is a set of simple specifications to address common data description and data transport issues. The overall aim is to reduce friction in working with data and to do this by making it as easy as possible to transport data between different tools and platforms for further analysis. At the heart of Frictionless Data is the Data Package, which is a simple format for packaging data collections together with a schema and descriptive metadata. For over ten years, the Frictionless Data community has iterated extensively on tools and libraries that address various causes of friction in working with data, and this work culminated in the release of v1 specifications in September 2017.
dj  collaboration  report  tools  management  cms 
20 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, teams use Airtable to organize their work, their way.
spreadsheet  kanban  project-management  collaboration  forms  productivity 
23 hours ago by ijy
Citizen-Centered Journalism and Contested Boundaries: Innovations and limitations at three news organizations: Journalism Practice: Vol 12, No 1
This article explores the existence of a “citizen-centered journalism” that sees citizens as crucial participants in the construction of news and as co-creators of their own worlds. Through qualitative case studies of three news organizations, the article examines the motivation for using a citizen-centered approach, the news routines that are required to do so, the categories of content produced, and the perceived impact of this approach. The results suggest these news organizations are working in partnership with communities and striving to give a voice to historically marginalized communities. The journalists, however, see citizen participation as complementary to professional journalistic routines that favor verifiable information, rather than assigning inherent value to it for its own sake.
Research  cm  cj  collaboration 
yesterday by paulbradshaw
Redefining User Involvement in Digital News Media: Journalism Practice: Vol 12, No 1
This article provides insight into the strategic priority of various approaches towards user involvement and how these are changing over time. A longitudinal series of surveys studying prioritizations among editorial staff identify a redefinition of user involvement in digital media: from 2012 to 2015 the role of users has been reframed from co-producers to distributors. This indicates that promotion and business development gain prominence at the expense of the traditional focus on user participation to ensure media’s social role. At the same time, the approaches increasing in importance are those least likely to challenge the traditional understanding of journalists’ professional role.
Research  cm  ugc  collaboration 
yesterday by paulbradshaw

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