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Connecting with more colleagues at and across to help us ALL move forward...
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22 hours ago by mattedgar
Helping federal agencies accelerate innovation through public participation
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yesterday by ltalley
carbon-now-cli - Beautiful images of your code from CLI
A wonderful tool that lets you generate beautiful images of your source code through a great UI, letting you customize aspects like fonts, themes, window controls and much more.

carbon-now-cli gives you the full power of Carbon — right at your fingertips, inside the terminal.

Generate beautiful images from a source file, or sections of a source file, by running a single command.
programming  examples  collaboration  colors  generator  tools  CLI 
yesterday by liqweed
Understanding Collaborative Investigative Journalism in a “Post-Truth” Age: Journalism Studies: Vol 0, No 0
The political economy for watchdog reporting is deeply challenging, yet exposing abuses of public trust had renewed focus in 2016. “Spotlight”—a Boston Globe investigation into Catholic Church sex abuse—inspired an Oscar-winning film. Two months later, 300 International Consortium for Investigative Journalism members broke the global story of tax evasion with the Panama Papers. These represent exemplar moments for watchdog journalism in a “post-truth” age characterised by fake news. They illustrate a shift in investigative reporting practice: from an “old model” of a highly competitive single newsroom environment—like the “Spotlight” team—to a “new model” of multiple newsrooms (and countries) sharing information to expose wrongdoing on a global scale, like the Panama Papers. This paper applies mixed methods to analyse the development and consequences of this new model of collaborative investigative journalism. It examines 30 years of national media awards in Britain, the United States and Australia to identify when award-winning newsroom collaborations began, their key story targets and outcomes. These findings are triangulated with interviews with investigative journalists. The findings theoretically and empirically add to emerging scholarship examining how digital media technologies—held responsible for the “journalism crisis”—paradoxically offer opportunities for evidence-based journalism.
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
The Disruption of Social Media: How the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors evolves in American newsrooms: Digital Journalism: Vol 6, No 6
Reporters and editors perform different journalistic duties in traditional newsrooms. With the popularity of social media, journalism is transitioning into a highly varied and diverse range of practices. Utilizing a cross-sectional, self-administered questionnaire, the online survey (N = 1063) study seeks to understand how social media is disrupting the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors in American newsrooms. The study found that newsrooms’ integration of social media and entrepreneurialism is blurring the line between reporters and editors. With journalists taking more entrepreneurial roles, the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors is being taken place by a hybrid model – both reporters and editors take on promotional duties in addition to traditional journalistic roles.
Research  newsroom  sm  collaboration 
yesterday by paulbradshaw
When Generalists Are Better Than Specialists, and Vice Versa
We theorized that the benefits of being a generalist are strongest in fields with a slower pace of change. In these fields (think oil and gas, mining), it might be harder for specialists to come up with new ideas and identify new opportunities, while generalists may be able to find inspiration from other areas. We also theorized that the situation flips for fields with a faster pace of change. In this case (think of quickly evolving fields such as quantum computers and gene editing), generalists may struggle to stay up to date, while specialists can more easily make sense of new technical developments and opportunities as they arise.
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yesterday by basemaly
Discover Music via Samples, Cover Songs and Remixes
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yesterday by squishyrobot
Accessibility for Teams
Guidelines to help teams create accessible products and services
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yesterday by atran
kune | A web tool to encourage collaboration, content sharing & free culture
A web tool to encourage collaboration, content sharing, and free culture. Forked from or based on Google Wave. Create communication spaces for you and your community without having to develop websites from scratch. Kune is community-created, open source, and Creative Commons licensed.
collaboration  community  communication  wave  opensource 
2 days ago by chrismyth
A web tool to encourage collaboration, content sharing, and free culture. Forked from or based on Google Wave. is one server in the network of Kune servers.
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2 days ago by chrismyth

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